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Imperfect hospitality.

This Autumn season, learn to stop doing things that might make you feel like a failure (like over-inviting, over-planning, not being prepared, being too hard on yourself with your cooking).

Every element of entertaining will never be perfect.

As we’re still enjoying eating outside, I’ve decided the simplest plan is the best.

Table set — imperfectly. Chargers, water goblets, paper napkins. (Silverware? my kids set the table).

Late autumn blooms, including Pineapple Sage and Black Eyed Susans.

2 small table torches for early sunset ambience.

The dishes used may not have matched perfectly; in fact, there probably was a chip or two.

Instead of focusing on what I think should look “perfect,” I’m thinking about the things that really matter.

Good food. Good people. Good conversation.

Just being together.

It’s not about comparisons or looks.

People really don’t want to be impressed.

Realistically, I think they like “imperfect.”

It makes us all feel that we are normal.


Do you think your guests are bothered or encouraged by imperfection?

My mother taught my sisters and I a lot about perfectionism. She was the best role model for us girls, and lived a life of true authenticity and love. It radiated over into many around her, that impressing is for the “now” and has nothing to do with the eternal. (Thank you, Mama!) Today’s my middle sister’s birthday, and here’s a pic of us celebrating and having a good time together last weekend. Happy Birthday, sis!

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