Mixed Seafood Ceviche
Life happens in our backyard, especially during the summer months. Today I’m sharing 2 delicious summer recipes, as well as my ideas on “chasing good friendships.”

First off, I’m over at KitchenAid’s blog today, The Kitchenthusiast, sharing this delicious Mixed Seafood Ceviche recipe that I like to serve as an appetizer/salad combined. Don’t you think that in the summer we eat less, with this heat and late night dinners? I really love serving either a salad or an appetizer. My philosphy is to serve more drinks, and less food, and to be healthy, which includes healthy conversation as well. :)

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Chasing good friendships.

Part of hanging out with good friends is to “chase those good friendships.” Interesting concept, right?

I suggest two things, both of which may involve a substantial change of your mindset. One, make “connecting” with others your priority, and two, make it a discipline.

Connecting with others a priority.

I don’t mean “priority” in the normal sense, of things we are supposed to do, or check off our list. I mean it literally, to make connecting a first thing in your life. If we don’t have good people surrounding us and in our lives, we will be lonely, isolated, boring, inward people.

Connecting with others a discipline.

Discipline helps us achieve our priorities. So if don’t prioritize people, making sure that we’re invested in the lives of others, it’s hard to pursue the discipeline we need to make it happen. I am talking inviting people in to our homes and investing in this act of hospitality. It means setting aside time, sacrificing a little of what you have, connecting and bringing people together. You have to be disciplined to get a date on the calendar, to make it happen and not just talk about it.

Joy and soul connection.

My husband and I try to have guests into our home on a regular basis. We both travel a lot, so we have to plan in advance most of the time. It brings us joy, a soul connection with the people in our lives who support us, and our interest in their lives.

Harry & David Cherry Cobb

We recently had an abundance of beautiful Cherry-Oh!® Cherries from Harry & David that we noshed on by the pool, and then whipped up a batch of individual cherry cobblers for our guests. Easy – pop in the oven, add ice cream, and serve!

Today I’m over at Harry & David’s blog, sharing this Easy Cherry Cobbler Recipe! Come on over and say, Hi! I made it with gluten-free flour, which is optional, and brown sugar crust. Mm-m-m- …..

Do you feel that you prioritize people, and make it a discipline to practice hosptiality in your home? If not, what holds you back?