Girlfriend-Friendly Dinner Party with Rhododendron Tabletop

Rhododendron Tabletop

This girlfriend dinner party with a beautiful Rhododendron Tabletop is a prime example how coming together over good food and drink, with excellent company, can benefit the soul. Here’s how it happened …

My girlfriends were coming for dinner, so I wanted to set a pretty table. Inspired by our bursting rhododendron bush in the front yard, I took my scissors and went snip-snip.

Rhododendron Tabletop

Grabbing a few canning jars, I stuffed the flowers in the jars and pulled out an already ironed tablecloth and cloth napkins. Totally girlfriend-friendly.

Rhododendrons in canning jars

More importantly, I made 3 delicious salads, bought Costco’s new Fresh Beet & Jicama salad (because I wanted to try it), and served crunchy bread. Everyone brought drinks! And I made a delicious gluten-free chocolate dessert (recipe to come) which I served with Trader Joe’s Coffee Bean Blast ice cream. Yum!

Rhododendron Tabletop

Girlfriend dinners are so fun. You can get the pretty, girlie stuff out, make an all-salad dinner … it’s just easy!

Spinach and shrimp salad: Avocados, spicy pecans, baby heirloom tomatoes, sweet onion, and cucumbers. I dressed the salad with a light balsamic glaze and Trader Joe’s White Balsamic Vinegar.

Fresh garden salad, with lettuce just harvested from our garden: Heirloom tomatoes, chopped chicken, goat cheese, sweet candied pecans, dried cherries, avocado, and grapes. I dressed the salad with Trader Joe’s Pear Vinaigrette dressing.

Farmer’s Red Potato Salad: I’ll just say that by the end of the evening, everyone wanted the recipe! Delish!

I love the saying: Judge your success by the degree that you’re enjoying peace, health, and love.

Well, it was true after spending 5 hours with this group of ladies. Not only did we eat healthy foods, but there was a lot of love flowing around the table, and the entire night just had “peace” written all over it. Everyone was relaxed and enjoying true fellowship.

Rhododendron Tabletop

I always get texts or emails the next day. I had taken a risk and invited someone new that most of us didn’t know, and she sent me this note. It’s important to keep meeting new people and introducing our friends to one another. It just makes our lives richer.

Thanks for all the yummy flavors you created and put together last night. It was a great evening with beautiful women and delicious and nutritious food! Thank you for inviting me!

Which I love.

A peaceful night with good food and old and new friends.

Have you thought about hosting a girlfriend dinner party, or if not, what’s holding you back?

16 comments on “Girlfriend-Friendly Dinner Party with Rhododendron Tabletop”

  1. Love your table and accents. Do you happen to remember where you bought your tablecloth and napkins? Any idea what they were called? Thanks so much for your reply, and keep inspiring all of us!!!

    • Liz, Home Goods in Atlanta about 3-4 years ago. Yikes! I have seen the pattern around though, at TJ Maxx I think! Good luck!

  2. Your table is beautiful Sandy, as are the flowers. And your kind spirit of real generosity, using what you have on hand that’s already lovely, rather than trying to over-the-top impress, is what makes your dinners what true friends want to enjoy with you. Kudos!

  3. Love that beautiful table setting! Salad lunches or dinners are such fun , nice,fresh and light , just perfect for warmer weather and lively chatter. I will be having my girlfriends over right after the holiday weekend for lunch on the patio in the shade of the trees. Good bread, a crisp salad with roasted chicken and plenty of iced tea is on the menue.

  4. Now that is one pretty, pretty table! No doubt everyone was impressed!

  5. Beautiful table setting! Love the bright rhododendrons!

  6. Love the setup, especially the colors. Very pretty!

  7. The flowers are so gorgeous and vibrant

  8. Those flowers are stunning Sandy!

  9. Your table looks so beautiful! The tablecloth and napkins are just awesome and Rhododendrons are some of my favorite flowers:)

  10. I saw the photo of the table cloth on facebook and just died! I love it s much, what a beautiful and thoughtful arrangement. I love this, and I am sure it was a lovely evening.

  11. I really like the idea of having a trio of salads instead of a traditional dinner! I had dinner the other night with some girlfriends and thought it was really funny how we all ordered these massive salads together!

  12. Love this table!!

  13. Oh what a gorgeous table – and so perfectly seasonal!

  14. Beautiful rhododendrons!! So glad that you and your girlfriends had a great time, and I am adding that quote to my book. So, so true. And such a gift to share peace hope and love with new and dear friends! :)

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