The winter months (football parties and casual get-togethers) are a good time to go through your entertaining supplies and use up miscellaneous napkins and paper products. Chutneys and dips from the holidays can also be well-used at this time.

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Clean out, organize, use up … that’s my motto during these months.

For our most recent get-together, I pulled out a package of IKEA napkins left over from 4th of July.

Why not?

I saw this idea awhile back, and thought it was a classy way to make “buffet” entertaining easier, with the napkin already on the plate. What a great idea for Easter brunch this year, too!

Grab a plate.

And a fork.

Or, you can put the forks and napkins together in a fun container.

There’s really no right or wrong with entertaining.

When I start to over think these things, I try to remember why people are coming over to our house in the first place. (Fill in the missing words.)

It’s not about the _______, or things being _______, it’s all about the ________, who are coming to see our _________.



Are you good about pulling miscellaneous party supplies out and using them for casual get-togethers?

(The missing words: food, perfect, people, family.)