Displaying Paper Napkins for Casual Get-Togethers

The winter months (football parties and casual get-togethers) are a good time to go through your entertaining supplies and use up miscellaneous napkins and paper products. Chutneys and dips from the holidays can also be well-used at this time.

Clean out, organize, use up … that’s my motto during these months.

For our most recent get-together, I pulled out a package of IKEA napkins left over from 4th of July.

Why not?

I saw this idea awhile back, and thought it was a classy way to make “buffet” entertaining easier, with the napkin already on the plate. What a great idea for Easter brunch this year, too!

Grab a plate.

And a fork.

Or, you can put the forks and napkins together in a fun container.

There’s really no right or wrong with entertaining.

When I start to over think these things, I try to remember why people are coming over to our house in the first place. (Fill in the missing words.)

It’s not about the _______, or things being _______, it’s all about the ________, who are coming to see our _________.



Are you good about pulling miscellaneous party supplies out and using them for casual get-togethers?

(The missing words: food, perfect, people, family.)

10 comments on “Displaying Paper Napkins for Casual Get-Togethers”

  1. I am a sucker for cute paper napkins. And I stocked up for our years overseas…still going through those! ha! But I have passed over many so I can go through the stash I have- that counts for decluttering, right?! I’m not adding to the problem! :)

  2. Love this beautiful display for entertaining. The idea of stacking a napkin on a plate makes sense!

  3. I like that napkin/plate solution!

    occasionally have styled a “use it up” buffet, mixing all the odd paper products together ( i think they look better grouped in a basket or tray, kind of like a fabric scrap basket). A solid or stripe table cloth unifies it visually. It’s fun and guests enjoy the surprise mix, never fails to elicit funny comments and memories of past good times.

  4. This is such an adorable way to display napkins! We’re all about the casual entertaining, and this is going to be perfect for Weston’s birthday party coming up!

  5. Yes! It’s so fun when guests are expecting the usual luncheon napkin from the big package and get a colorful surprise…they always comment. I’ve been doing the napkin/plate stack…it’s really handy and can be a huge space saver, too.

  6. So cute Sandy. Love the napkins between the plates.

  7. Clever my friend, simple but very clever!

  8. So cute in between the plates! Don’tcha love IKEA. I was there a couple of weeks ago and picked up a bunch of paper napkins on sale. I love your bark container!! And to answer your question, I would have to say…. I’m getting better. Cheers!

  9. I love to collect pretty paper napkins from various places. Tuesday Morning always has lots of pretties for inexpensive prices. I have a drawer where lots of them are stashed. To keep them fresh they are all in ziplock bags.

  10. I love the napkins in between the plates! I do use misc. party supplies for family dinners and BBQ’s. I use leftover red Christmas paper napkins for our July 4th BBQ. I’m funny…I don’t like to keep paper napkins around too long. I like them to be “fresh”! :-)

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