One Hour Notice Hospitality Coupon

My friend stopped by.

Card in hand.

A hand-delivered thank you.

Coupon inside.

No cost. But pure thoughtfulness.

One hour notice.

Who even practices one hour notice hospitality any more? It’s rare, I know. I myself, get caught up in life and busy – always busy.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s all do this.

Walk to your neighbors’, drive by your friend’s house, and most importantly, love your spouse and family!

Tell those around you that you love them.

And consider a one hour notice coupon for whatever strikes your fancy!

And don’t forget … to tell that person you love them.

Have you thought of blessing someone with a “hospitality coupon?”

12 comments on “One Hour Notice Hospitality Coupon”

  1. What a super sweet gift. The gift of a friend’s time, along with a glass of wine…simply the best.

  2. What a great idea and so true, to not take your friends and husband for granted. xoxo Sandy!! Hope tonight is a blast!

  3. Sweet post! It’s good to have frends like that!

  4. I am absolutely ENTHRALLED with this idea!! <3 I hope that you, your love and your sweet family had a fabulous Valentine's Day :D xoxo

  5. This is just about the cutest thing ever, love it Sandy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  6. Love this idea!

  7. This is beyond thoughtful, what a great idea. Love it!

  8. Love love love this!!


  9. Love this idea! A dessert coupon would be fun too.

  10. What a fantastic reminder, and how blessed are you to have such a friend!

  11. What a sweet friend (and idea)! I have never given hospitality coupons, but I love this idea!

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