Dividing and Multiplying Plants is a Gift You Can Give

Much of our yard, in the front and the back, are plants that have been given to us by our friend, Jeannie, or our neighbor, Ellie.

Both ladies have green thumbs and helped give us a plan and vision for our yard. (They bring the plants over in boxes or their wheelbarrow.)

In fact, one year for Christmas, Jeannie gave us a new garden bed in the front of our house. Isn’t this just the coolest idea?

Her gift was:

1. Plan out how the bed would look.

2. Divide her plants and share with us.

3. Come and weed the bed and help make it ‘her vision.”

4. Make sure we had the appropriate watering.

5. Add more as needed.

It was such a fun Christmas gift. This year we got to see the benefits of her hard work.

Ellie, on the other hand, gave us day lilies from her yard last summer.

Her day lilies were large enough to split in two and three.

She gave them to us in the Fall.

We fertilized, watered, eventually cut them back, and mulched the soil.

When our friends came for dinner a few weeks ago, my centerpiece was so bright and cheery, consisting of the day lilies from Ellie, as well as fresh mint that came from Jeannie’s yard.

I have to say, seeing my flower beds full of divisions from others makes me thankful for my friends!

Have you thought about digging, dividing, and expanding your garden with a friend?

7 comments on “Dividing and Multiplying Plants is a Gift You Can Give”

  1. Even if you do not gift them away you get to keep them for yourselves ;) we love this part about plants! The gift that keeps on giving

  2. I love friends that share their green thumbs! You are so lucky to have such wonderul neighbors, Sandy!

  3. Our garden is filled with many happy memories too. We have beds of hosta from my mother, buttercups from a patient, sedum from a neighbor, and snowbells from a grandparent. My iris were a gift to my mother and after she passed, we moved them back to our garden. We have shared our daylillies and hosta with more people than I can remember. Every few years we fill my sister’s van with boxes of daylily divisions to pass on to new gardens. Beside prayers and friendship I can’t think of think of a better thing to share with friends than a love of gardening!

  4. Beautiful post! I LOVE sharing perennials…there is something so nobly green about thinning out your overgrown gardens and repurposing them in another garden. My cousin around the corner has a garden made largely of our perennial garden from our old home…and she has a peony plant that goes back to an original that goes back two generations, and has travelled around the world!

  5. I laugh at some of my failures in my home garden, I mean really, I can’t keep a strawberry plant alive but somehow I take care of a whole vineyard. I have to laugh at myself. Sounds like you have an awesome neighbor.

  6. So pretty Sandy!! I love to add fresh mint to my many zinnia’s that grow in my garden. Mint smells wonderful and it helps to fill the gaps in a bouquet. I have a wise older woman who is an old-fashioned expert in gardening. She can take something that looks completely dead and give life to it. I have learned a lot from her in so many ways. Thanks for sharing your beautiful table centerpiece. Have a sweet summer day! Mrs.Clark

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