DIY Free Trellises for Climbing Rose Bushes

Welcome to my backyard!

You may remember a couple of years ago when I wrote about getting free pallets from the local Grange Co-Op, and growing our climbing roses up them.


And now.


We brought the pallets home and painted them the color of the fence, putting them side by side, making our own trellises. (We have 2 sets in the backyard, too!)

We’ve been enjoying the 2 different rose colors and the fullness of the flowers.

This is my first time to post about this side of the house, which greets you with beauty and color, as you enter through the side gate.

On the left, herbs are slow to grow this year. Lots of rain and not a lot of heat.

Over on the right, we already harvested our strawberries.

Do you ever look for “free” items when working on garden projects in your yard?

15 comments on “DIY Free Trellises for Climbing Rose Bushes”

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  4. What is the color of your fence?

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  6. What IS the color of your fence? It’s a great backdrop for those roses. Our fence is unusually dark, but is a surprisingly great backdrop for flora. This post made me smile as I was just saying to Mr. G, honey last week, “We need to put some climbing roses on the gate going to the back garden.” LOL Gorgeous.

  7. Hi Sandy – love the blue/gray fence with the pink roses – great contrast of colour! Always looking for free items to use – found some great LARGE wicker baskets the other day on the side of the road – leftovers for a yard sale, I guess. They are going in the bathroom filled with plush white towels.

  8. I love it all, but I especially love your fence/trellis color! I’m not patient enough to look for the free stuff … but I love the “collected” look that gives a yard/garden!

  9. Gorgeous yard! Do you every cut your roses to use as centerpieces?

  10. Wow! Your roses have tripled in size! Simply beautious! Don’t you just love it when something comes together as you imagined it would?!
    Yes. Yes. Yes. I’m always on the look out for free things for my garden. My eye is always on the lookout when I go for walks. You never know what you’ll find. I got a large ceramic pot that I now have on my front porch when I was walking this spring…the size and color are perfect. I look at these as little God gifts. It’s like he likes to bless us for thinking creatively.
    Next…the bravery to ask a homeowner a few streets down if I can have a few slips of their ground cover (they have a lot) which I can’t find at any garden shops. The idea is easy…the asking…a little outside my comfort zone.

  11. Oh, what a creative idea to use pallets for rose trellises. That turned out so beautiful and your roses are just so beautiful and pink :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  12. Beautiful roses and trellises! Such a clever idea — and I love the blue paint on your fences!

  13. Beautiful! I just got some “free” pallets to make a new compost bin…and yes, always look for free things. I received some free “large” rocks from a friends yard who needed to get rid of them…I just needed to pick them up. They worked perfectlly for the edging of a flower area I had been wanting to do something with. Because we’re still in “building” mode…we aren’t putting a lot of money into our landscaping or property so when I find cheap or free things I scoop them up.

  14. oh those roses are so so pretty…I love how they look on your fence! I also love the container you use to grow herbs…I want a lettuce garden in one of those!

  15. Wow…what a beautiful entrance into your yard! Your roses are gorgeous!

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