A simple DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel, painting over wallpaper, replacing the high tank toilet with a Kohler toilet, and adding a few other touches!

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel

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Friends, our recent DIY bathroom remodel in our mountain home went smoothly and without a glitch. You may remember our Mountain Home Renovation Final Reveal did not include any bathroom posts!

Just in time for summer entertaining, and all of the hosting that we do, our DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel is finished in perfect timing. It’s nice to have a “guest bathroom” ready for company!

We still have a few projects to finish in our new home in central Oregon that we bought 2 years ago.

Replacing the high tank toilet

Removing the high tank chain toilet and putting in a new sink, we painted and did a few other fun touch-ups to make our guest bathroom ready for company!

FINAL DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel

Our home has 3 bathrooms, and we decided when we moved in 2 years ago that we’d work on 2 of them, to upgrade and modernize and make them more efficient.

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel

We stared for a long time at the high tank, chain-pull toilet. We had never had one before, and were kind of amused by it. But then my husband got a step stool and looked inside at the very top. He said, “it smelled like Florida in there,” so we took it out.

Funny thing is, our friends really liked it, and thought it was sentimental.

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel - sink

I had no problem saying goodbye to this toilet! Oh, and we have another one of these toilets in our master bathroom!

Complete remodel

Going with a more modern feel, we decided to completely replace and remodel the entire bathroom.

We painted over the original 1984 wallpaper (yes, that’s right,).

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel - painting over wallpaper

With only a few touch-ups!

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel - BEFORE

Added a new vanity from Home Depot. Don’t you love the barn door doors? Our entire house has these doors that were built on-site in 1984.

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel - AFTER

We added a fresh mountain feel with new pictures on the walls, a more modern mirror, and replaced all the “1980 brass” with stainless steel faucets. By the way, you can follow most of my DIY projects on my instagram “stories” account @sandycoughlinRE :)

DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel - high tank toilet

Of course we left the original brick floors. I love these floors, so unique to this home. We have brick in all the bathrooms, kitchen floor, and utility room. We resealed them, and really brought them back to life. Only took about a half hour for this small bathroom!

This was a quick, easy project that now has a much warmer, cleaner feel.

Our bathroom is ready for company!

Come and visit us any time :)

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Final Reveal: DIY Mountain Home Bathroom Remodel