January has always been a time for me to get organized in my home. I love this month because it feels new and makes me want to embrace who I really am.

I still struggle a bit though, with the dark days of winter. My sister and I have 2 ski dates on the calendar, so getting above the fog in the Rogue Valley will be splendid. I can’t wait to feel the cold air on my cheeks and experience that rush of speed. I grew up skiing on Mt. Ashland (Ashland, Oregon) and Mt. Bachelor.

Skiing has been on my “to do” list this year. Many call it a bucket list (this is my big 5-0 year!). But since I’ve skied for years, it’s really not anything new for me. :)

Back to creativity. To get on top of the winter blues, I decided I really needed a more creative place to write. I’m an early-morning girl, so normally I sit in our living room bright and early, but as the days went by, I was feeling a bit unorganized.

My sons are now up at college, so there were 2 empty rooms upstairs calling my name. :)

It was time. No excuses.

Time to reclaim one of the upstairs bedrooms and transform it into a new writing space.

My budget? $100 max.

The carpet was recently replaced, the base to the futon and the hutch were already being stored in the room, and everything else was either junk, things to go to Good Will, or clutter that needed reorganizing.

Repurposed items:
Costco table (set on the high level)
Target bar stool (taken from the kitchen)
Target lamp (grabbed from the other spare room closet)
Comfort foam (single) for the futon seating
$4 yard sale pillows (for the back of futon)
Pier 1 yard sale curtains
Tablecloth (have 2 of the same color)
Pedestal (Good Will find sprayed black)
Hutch (cleaned out and organized with entertaining books, magazines, etc.)

What I found at Target:
$50 flower print
$10 clearance Smith & Hawken ceramic pot
$25 silk flowers (1 stem)
$5 waste paper basket
$10 black baskets for organizing

The sun comes in during the morning hours. The room is so light and lovely. It’s inspiring and good for the soul.

Having a new space is what we often need. Either by re-arranging our house, fixing up a room … it doesn’t have to be expensive, either.

How to repurpose a room:
-Determine your needs and write out your goals and plans
-Look on Pinterest or in magazines for ideas
-Look around your house and see if you have anything that matches those ideas
-Move those items into your new space
-Give yourself a small budget of new things to buy
-Keep organization in mind–how to make the most of the room

Your passions can provide a starting point that will help you get organized and decorate your home, don’t you think?

Oh, and don’t forget to add the best accessories you can find – LOL. That’s Haggis, our Cairn Terrier, posing for you! :)

I also have some blank walls in the room, with some ideas that involve some of my daughter’s photography. Stay tuned for that …

Are you inspired by the space where you read, write, or create?

Feel free to share a link to your space in your comment – I’d love to see!

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