Fresh Hot Jalapeños Poppers Recipe for Super Bowl Sunday

Fresh Hot Jalapeños Poppers are little bites of BIG flavor.

Last Sunday we hosted a football party, which was sort of like a mini Super Bowl Party! I can’t wait to share more yummy recipes with you–BIG-hit recipes–for the Super Bowl coming up on February 3rd. Also, stay tuned for a $100 Coca Cola prize pack giveaway next week on RE!

My friend Natalie is a bigger-than-life person (personality, upbeat, uplifting, encouraging), and I sort of look up to her as my mentor for football food.

She and her husband are the ones that usually host the FB parties, so they are the experts, in my mind. She has all the best recipes memorized – and knows what all the guys like. (Remember, we’re a soccer family?) :)

Like this recipe I’m sharing today. Natalie rattled off the recipe so quickly, there’s no way I could remember it, so I resorted to a quick email from her for the Fresh Hot Poppers.

They are so delicious, I guarantee they will get eaten quickly.

I can’t wait to try them for the real Super Bowl party, coming up soon!

There’s one thing to remember with this recipe: Jalapeños can be unpredictable in their hotness, so watch out!

Oh, and that this recipe is awesome served either hot or cold! Love that.

Will you be hosting a Super Bowl Party this year?


  1. I love jalapenos.
    I love jalapenos stuffed with things.
    I love football.
    (I may love the party more).
    Natalie sounds like fun.

    we ARE having a Superbowl party here, we always do! I already have most of the food planned… and then there are always last minute things I find that I MUST add – this is one of those things…

  2. Thanks for sharing! These sound delicious. My husband and I will be hosting a Super Bowl party so the timing is perfect. I’m also making your Bush’s Black Bean/pineapple salsa… it!

  3. These sound yummy! We usually attend the super bowl party at the home of some great friends of ours. I’m bringing my mexican hot layered dip and texas caviar!

  4. My family is definitely celebrating our Baltimore Ravens making it to the Superbowl this year! We love jalapeno poppers, and we made them for the Championship game last weekend! You are right about the heat level not being predictable. I think the smaller they are the hotter they are, because the jalapenos I used last weekend were huge and they we not hot at all. Your friend Natalie sounds like so much fun! Have fun at your SB party! Go Ravens! :-)

  5. Wow! I want to be at your party!

  6. Drooling over these! We love jalapeno poppers…perfect football food!!

  7. We ARE hosting and these little beauties need to be on the menu!

  8. I KNOW these poppers would be excellent – the recipe is very similar to some that we make. Yummo! We are not hosting this year, as we have been invited to some friends for a little pre-game fun playing broomball on the lake in their backyard – too much fun!

  9. Love the addition of sausage — must try these!

  10. I know Ill be making jalapeno poppers this Sunday, can’t wait to try them with sausage!

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  12. Yummy delicious cream cheese !!!!!! i simply loved it.

  13. This recipe sounds great! How long do you think I could let the jalapenos & topping sit in a refrigerator before putting them in the oven?

  14. Oh god these look fabulous- I know I would love them! Well beaten egg whites are the key for fluffy pancakes! I’m not surprised that the ricotta added to the texture as I’m always pleasantly surprised when I add cottage cheese to pancake batter!

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