Easy tips for DIY Transfer Handwriting to Plate for any holiday or special occasion. Take your loved one’s handwriting and preserve it for years to come!

My blogging friend, Karol, and I have something in common. We both miss our moms terribly, especially this time of year. Combining both of our ideas together, my Christmas plate, and Karol’s “Love, Mom” plate, today I’m sharing this “Love, Mom” project:  DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

I knew right away which cookbook had my mom’s love note to me. It was her favorite church cookbook, and on my 30th birthday she gave it to me as a gift.

With this lovely note inside:

Sandra, I know you will enjoy this cookbook. I tell everyone it’s the only one you need. Love, Mom

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

I did what Karol recommended, enlarged the signature, and stenciled it onto 2 lovely appetizer platters to give to my sisters for Valentine’s Day!

Better than chocolate or any other gift, the reminder of our mom, to me, is the ultimate gift.

But I also made plates at Christmas with mom’s writing from a Christmas box (of ornaments).

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

Love, Mom


I miss her writing, her voice, her presence and loveliness in my life.

Life has never been the same since she’s been gone. My sisters and I share this deep love for our mother.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

How to stencil writing onto a plate:

1. Scan the image or copy of the signature to enlarge.

2. Color one side of tracing paper with a pencil, and place it colored (lead) side down onto the white plate or tray.

3. Place the scanned photo/signature on top of the tracing paper.

4. Trace the signature, pressing down hard.

5. Lift the signature and transfer paper.

6. Copy over the signature with a Sharpie marker (use either thick or normal size).

7. Wipe off the excess pencil lead, from the tray or plate.

8. Bake at 350 for 5 minutes.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

I’m glad I had all the supplies at home. The process took me about 30 minutes total.

I can’t wait to give this gift to my sisters.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

To my sisters, with love, from mom.

And from me.

Do you have any signatures that you’d like to preserve and make into gifts? Would you mind sharing the story behind the signature?

TIP: I’d use the finished product for display only, to preserve the plate.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to Plate

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