DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

My blogging friend, Karol, and I have something in common. We both miss our moms terribly, especially this time of year. Combining both of our ideas together, my Christmas plate, and Karol’s “Love, Mom” plate, today I’m sharing this “Love, Mom” project:  DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

I knew right away which cookbook had my mom’s love note to me. It was her favorite church cookbook, and on my 30th birthday she gave it to me as a gift.

With this lovely note inside:

Sandra, I know you will enjoy this cookbook. I tell everyone it’s the only one you need. Love, Mom

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

I did what Karol recommended, enlarged the signature, and stenciled it onto 2 lovely appetizer platters to give to my sisters for Valentine’s Day!

Better than chocolate or any other gift, the reminder of our mom, to me, is the ultimate gift.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

Love, Mom


I miss her writing, her voice, her presence and loveliness in my life.

Life has never been the same since she’s been gone. My sisters and I share this deep love for our mother.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

How to stencil writing onto a plate:

1. Scan the image or copy of the signature to enlarge.

2. Color one side of tracing paper with a pencil, and place it colored (lead) side down onto the white plate or tray.

3. Place the scanned photo/signature on top of the tracing paper.

4. Trace the signature, pressing down hard.

5. Lift the signature and transfer paper.

6. Copy over the signature with a Sharpie marker (use either thick or normal size).

7. Wipe off the excess pencil lead, from the tray or plate.

8. Bake at 350 for 5 minutes.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

I’m glad I had all the supplies at home. The process took me about 30 minutes total.

I can’t wait to give this gift to my sisters.

DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea

To my sisters, with love, from mom.

And from me.

Do you have any signatures that you’d like to preserve and make into gifts? Would you mind sharing the story behind the signature?

TIP: I’d use the finished product for display only, to preserve the plate.

18 comments on “DIY Transfer Handwriting to a Plate Gift Idea”

  1. What did you use to trace the signature and transfer it to the surface?

  2. I’m making this for my Nana for mothers day, I’m going to do one of her moms recipes onto a plate, my great grandmas been gone a while and I know my Nana misses her and will love this. where is the best place to get the tracing paper? hobby lobby?

  3. For Mother’s Day I am using your idea to transfer one of my Grandma’s recipes onto a plate for my Mom. She will love it!! Thanks for the instructions!!

  4. What a lovely and super special gift. I need to keep this idea!!

  5. This is the sweetest thing. I love the idea Sandy xo

  6. When my dad passed away twelve years ago, my mom stayed with me for a few days that summer. I had to work every day, so I would get the coffee pot ready for her every day before I left. I left a note that read “Coffee pot is ready, just turn it on.” One day she wrote a note below mine that read “Good to the last drop.” I have kept that note in a prominent place as a reminder of my mom’s always grateful spirit.

    After seeing your post I decided to make coffee mugs for my two sisters with a transfer of my mom’s note. I know each of them will love this gift.

    My mom has been gone for seven years now, and you are so right — life is not the same without your mom.

    Thanks, Sandy, for this great idea.

  7. What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I’ll have to look through some letters that my late grandmother sent me to see if I can do something similar. Thanks for the idea!

  8. Love this so much, Sandy! I know your sisters will love this gift!

  9. What a neat idea! I have a few recipes from my mom and grandma and that is very special to me. But this is a great idea, too. Love it!

  10. very cool!! would love to give this a try :)

  11. This is a wonderful gift for your sisters and so heartfelt. I love this.

  12. What a beautiful and meaningful gift!

  13. Sandy,
    I love this idea. The power of a signature to transport you is huge.
    My grandma gave me a set of linen pillow cases that had been a gift to my great aunt. Her mother, my great grandmother had written a note and fastened it to the cases with a string. I was given these “too nice to use” pillowcases with the note still attached. Great Grandma passed away when I was almost three. I can’t recall an actual memory of her but I have her written note.
    I often wonder how many of us will leave behind our written signature.


  14. This is the sweetest DIY gift! I just adore it.

  15. This is an awesome idea! Thank you for sharing. I miss my mom terribly too.

  16. My sister died 2 years ago and I don’t think my brother would appreciate it but I like the idea! Maybe I could use my m-i-l’s signature for something . . . After my sister died, several family members used her signature from cards she had sent them that said Love, Mom (or her first name) and had it tattooed on their skin! I personally don’t agree w/tattooes but I did think it was a unique idea.

  17. What an amazing and meaning full gift! Love it! It’s absolutely stunning.

  18. My mom also passed away and life has not been the same. Unfortunately, I do not have sisters to share this with, but I do have a daughter. She is recently married and I will look for a card from Grandma-I can’t seem to throw any away- and make this lovely dish for her. Thanks!

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