Remembering Childhood Dove Chocolate Almond Snowball Cookies

Today I want to share a little about holiday baking and easy ways of giving to others.

The beauty of the holidays is that you can embrace nostalgia on your own terms. I try to encourage my readers to put their hesitation aside and reach out to others, by either inviting people into their homes, hosting a small dinner party or a casual get-together, or even what I call, “taking your hospitality with you,” … reaching out to others by giving small gifts of love.

The holidays can be a very emotional time for many, because our pasts creep in, creating feelings both bittersweet and beautiful.

But today I’d love to encourage you to reach deep, and to think of a fun holiday cookie that you enjoyed as a kid.

Embrace those happy memories (or create some new ones if you can’t find “happy”), and think of ways to give out this year.

I’m happy to share with you a childhood recipe that my mom made every year, as far back as I remember as a little girl, up until the year she passed away. Snowball cookies were a part of our Christmas diet. They melt in your mouth and they provide comfort.

My favorite version has a little secret inside … Dove Chocolate-Covered Almonds. Oh, boy!

A little treat inside a big treat.

Christmas doesn’t get any better than packaging up a few classy treats, and then giving them away.

It’s the thought that counts. Small, simple, inexpensive, yet festive, wintery and tasty – is what I love to give.

Ideas on how to package Christmas cookies:
Dollar Store plates
Dollar Store or Clearance baskets
Canning quart-sized jars with a cute, cut-out Christmas top (over the lid)
Decorated brown lunch bags

What was your favorite holiday cookie as a kid?


Recipe: Chocolate Almond Snowball Cookies

Summary: A ball of sweet buttery goodness with a surprise chocolaty almond in the center.


  • 1 1/2 cups butter (3 sticks)
  • 2/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp. almond extract
  • 4 cups flour
  • 2 tbsp. ice water
  • 1 1/2 cup Chocolate Covered Almonds (I use Milk and Dark Dove Chocolate Covered Almonds)


  1. Turn oven to 300 degrees. Cream the butter.
  2. Beat in the powdered sugar, vanilla, and almond extract.
  3. Work in the flour and ice water.
  4. Shape and roll into balls.
  5. Push 1-2 almonds into each ball, making sure the chocolate is completely covered.
  6. After baking, roll in sifted powered sugar while hot.
  7. Cool and roll again in the powdered sugar.

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 30-35 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 24


17 comments on “Remembering Childhood Dove Chocolate Almond Snowball Cookies”

  1. These look wonderful! Thanks for sharing the memory and
    the recipe. Can’t wait to give these a try!

  2. Hi Sandy ~ these sound sooo good. I want to make them for a cookie exchange but I’m not sure how much to make. You provide # of servings, but is a serving one cookie? Thanks!

  3. ‘Tis the season for cookies. Amen.

  4. Love these cookies!

  5. wow- going to try this recipe- Thanks for sharing
    Merry Christmas

  6. Sandy, those look delicious!!!! Our Christmas cookie line-up from childhood (and still continues today) includes: Mexican Wedding Cakes, Spritz, Date Nut Pinwheels, Sugar Cookies, and Almond Pastry Cookies. Can’t wait to make some next week with my mom and sisters :-)

  7. Oh, please let the commissary have Dove candies, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m trying to think what Ukrainian candies would work- that sounds so yummy!!! My favorite cookie are chocolate star cookies- similar to the peanut butter cookies with chocolate kisses, but way better because the little Brach’s stars spread the chocolate love around a lot more! Mine never turn out quite like my mom’s…I think hers are seasoned with memories. :)

  8. One of my favorite Christmas cookies as a kid was candy cane cookies – the kind made with red and white dough rolled into logs and twisted together into a candy cane. Always almond flavored, not peppermint. :) They are a favorite for my kids, now, too.

    I’m going to add your recipe to my Christmas baking list this year ~ thanks for posting the recipe, it looks delicious!

  9. I adore your big heart! My favorites are Pizelles but I can’t wait to make your mom’s cookies for the boys :D

  10. Hi Sandy ~ the recipe says this makes 12 servings. How many cookies in a serving? Thanks.

  11. This is great! Guess what i’m going to have in about 55 min. Thats right, Chocolate Almond Snowball Cookies. Thanks so much for this recipe. Yummy, can’t wait…. ;)

  12. Those sound sooo good! I’ve always loved mounds and creme de menthe squares. And peanut butter bars, can’t forget those! And Russian Teacakes. :)

  13. Today I’m making my mother’s Swedish Tea Cookies which are basically thumprint cookies with raspberry jam in the centre. She made them every year when we were growing up. She doesn’t make them anymore. But I will. She’s coming this weekend (and so is the rest of the family) and I’ll send her home with a dozen – love the mason jar idea to package them up.

    Those cookies were always my favorite as a child. Now my mother only makes her famous mincemeat tarts and has promised to bring some to the gathering on Sunday. It wouldn’t be Christmas without those little pies.

    I’m so glad I found your blog – every morning I look forward to your postings – they inspire and motivate me daily. Thank you.

  14. Hi Sandy,

    What a lovely memory you have…and a delicious one too! I am anxious to try them. The basic cookies (without that fabulous center!) remind me of Mexican wedding cookies which are delicious. With the added chocolate center, I suspect they taste heavenly!!!

    As a child my mom always made the traditional sugar cookies which we would cut into shapes using cookie cutters. It was always so much fun. She would have lots of icing and sprinkles with which we could decorate the cookies. Now I do the same thing with my son…who enjoys piling each cookie sky high with icing and a myriad of sprinkles!

    I love your ideas for packaging cookies to share with friends and family. As a matter of fact, I am baking a lot of cookies today to share with some of my girlfriends tomorrow. I found some cute little plastic bags for about a dollar at Michael’s craft store and will wrap up the cookies in those and tie them with a ribbon.

    Thanks for all the continuing inspiration for entertaining and gift-giving ideas. You are such a wonderful resource.


  15. Your snowballs look delicious and so pretty in the jar.

    Don’t remember my childhood favorite. However my own children (grown marrieds) have to have Candy Cane Cookies every year. I’ll be baking them with my GD on Monday and there is a link to the recipe on my blog post today. The original recipe came from the back of a Pillsbury flour sack sometimes in the early 60’s.

    I like to use paper Chinese take out boxes to package gift cookies – they are available in most party stores and not expensive.


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