Earlier this week I shared this yummy Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake recipe, but I didn’t tell you how I decorated the cake!

I love this quote that I recently read:

“Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do.”

My Mother taught my sisters and me about hospitality from day one. She lived and breathed it.

We were raised to know in our hearts what we were meant to do.

At Christmas I do get a bit nostalgic, I must say, because we tend to think of our family–past and present–at Christmas.

I came across this Wilton stencil of a tree that my Mother gave me years ago (years ago!) It probably cost her 25 cents to buy it. For 20 years of my marriage I’ve used it off and on during the holidays.

It’s such an elegant yet simple way to decorate a cake.

And it’s what I used to decorate my Dark Chocolate Flourless Cake with.

Do you have anything, such as Christmas cookie cutters or stencils, that’s been passed down from your Mother or Grandmother?

We’d love to hear your story! :)

(Photos by my daughter Abigail Ellen Rose.)

If you want to drum up nostalgia, it’s not too late to take a family member’s signature and stencil it onto a plate. You can read about it, HERE.