Lowe's Home Improvement Kitchen Re-do

I love simple entertaining, such as hosting a “down time entertaining” party. It’s a classy way to entertain, with little stress and lots of fun!

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We don’t always host sit-down dinners. Sometimes it’s really casual and we serve buffet style, and sometimes we just munch on snacks and have a glass of wine.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, think of light appetizers that aren’t too heavy. Ones that you can whip up in no time, very few ingredients, and could be a great way to bring friends together this weekend or over the week ahead.

I love the holidays, and hosting friends who come from out of town, even if they don’t stay with us. Coming over for a few hours to catch up means everything to us!

I like to call it “down time entertaining.”

Come on over for some down time, mellow, low-key relaxation!

Down Time Entertaining

It’s good to have your entertaining supplies organized and ready.

These kind of parties are likely to center on the living room, but depending on the style of your home, it may spill over into other areas.

In our home, people like to mingle in the kitchen. We have a really large center island that is very hand to spread the food out, or better yet, we often host the buffet around this area.

Lowe's Home Improvement Kitchen Re-do

A simple approach to preventing congestion in the kitchen is to spread out the food and drinks.

Put the bowls of nibble foods in one area. Maybe put one platter out in the living room or in the family room, so people can eat and not have to leave the conversation.

Have a drink station where people can serve themselves.

Down Time Entertaining

Set out a bowl of nuts …  maybe a puzzle, or Scrabble game, and sit back and just relax.

Lighting and music add to “down time entertaining,” but it’s obvious that it’s really about catching up with friends, sometimes rediscovering one another, that makes it all worthwhile!

This past Monday night, we were invited to a soup-night meal with our friends. It was the perfect “down time” that we needed.

The next day, I realized our text messages to each other were too precious to not share.

The core of hospitality really is love and food: Be there for one another, leave when you need to, know that you are loved!


Are you hosting any casual events in the next few weeks, either before or after Thanksgiving?

Lowe's Home Improvement Kitchen Re-do

We’ve recently worked with Lowe’s Home Improvement on our kitchen project. Read more on phase one, here: Brightening the Kitchen. The next phase was Paint and Lighting. Then came the countertops and backsplash. Yesterday a new KitchenAid® Platinum Interior, Standard-Depth French Door Refrigerator, Architect® Series II was delivered to our home. I can’t wait to tell you more about it. Our kitchen is finally complete! A hearty thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement and KitchenAid for helping us brighten up our kitchen. Now we can entertain like crazy and enjoy the beautiful holidays ahead!