Awhile back we had friends stop by to deliver something to us (it was actually a delicious cake!), right at dinner time, right as I was pulling this lasagna out of the oven.

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Of course I wanted our friends to stay, but they had other plans.

I think back to times when friends have stayed. Even though the tablecloth I quickly threw on the table might have had a few wrinkles, our time together was still the best!

The beauty of drop-in dinners is to not lose your mind, but to invite, give yourself a quick pep-talk that you are not going to overdo, and then keep it simple.

And then to prepare yourself to relax and ENJOY your company, no matter what happens!

– Offer your guests a beverage
– Give them a chore to help with in the kitchen
– Hand them a stack of dishes and silverware to set the table with
– If you need something from the store, ask them to make a quick food run

The key is to not worry about perfection.

I bet at the end of the evening, with this kind of meal, that your guests will hop up and help clean the kitchen too! As I recall dropping in to bed, and thinking how surprised I was by simple the dinner turned out to be, it gave me a sense of satisfaction that I really don’t have to spend the time worrying about making things perfect.

It always seems to flow …

When’s the last time you had a drop-in dinner? Did you enjoy it or were you stressed?