As Simple as a Leftover Piece of Cake …

It was a long holiday weekend and the card came in the mail. A beautiful card, simply signed, “Virginia.”

She wrote a note that began: Dear Friends. Dear friends? How can she call us “dear friends” when we always seem to be so busy? We’re coming and going, our house is packed with 3 kids and their teenage friends. Our lives are sometimes utter chaos, as we barely wave to her when we pass her house. Aren’t dear friends ones who have regular access to our lives? Who are there with you in thick and thin? I was so touched by the sincerity of this card .

Then the phone call came

Meet me over at {In}Courage today for the rest of this story!

7 comments on “As Simple as a Leftover Piece of Cake …”

  1. Loved reading this over at incourage this morning! It really was a blessing :)

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  3. Great post! Just makes me think about our neighbors – the ones we are close to and the ones we need to get close to!

  4. Heading over there now. I haven’t had dinner yet and that cake is looking mighty good right about now! ;)

  5. Just what I needed!! So much so I’m sending my readers over to read your post!!

  6. A simply wonderful article, Sandy. I love this sentence: “Because in our busyness I believe we are fearful of a commitment, or a taking away from “us” time.” So very true for most of us these days, I think.

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