Easy Dinner with Roasted Tomatoes and Whole Wheat Pasta

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were heading out of town to Virginia Beach. Traveling together is always a joy, and I really look forward to our time away. Since our kids are older now, it’s easier to leave them behind. They’re busy with commitments, jobs, activities, and I always leave a list of chores to do, so that when we return, I’m not overwhelmed! I’m thankful for good kids who get in and help when we are away.

My motto is this:

If I leave my house clean, I will expect it to be in the same condition when I return.

I had a funny thought though, as I was packing and getting ready the day before we left. I thought ahead to dinner and how I wanted to make something special. I wanted our family to all be together. I wanted good conversation. I wanted connection. It takes effort to bring the family together and my mind was going here:

What if this is our last meal together as a family?

Do you ever get sentimental thoughts before you travel? I can’t be the only one! :)

So in wanting a special time, I also wanted a tasty, healthy experience.

I wanted Mama’s cooking to be a memory they’d never forget.

The night before, we had roasted 2 pans of fresh tomatoes, straight from the garden.

On this night I cooked whole wheat pasta, and we added ground lean turkey to the roasted tomatoes.

We placed the tomato mixture on the whole wheat pasta.

Dubliner Cheese was shaved on top, with chopped fresh basil, and slices of whole wheat bread on the side.

We sat together on our back patio and enjoyed our healthy meal and just being together.

I was satisfied with the outcome. Good food, the blessings of family, open discussions on life, … and deeper connections.

Okay, I’ll be honest and hopefully not too morbid here.

What would you cook, for one of your last meals with your family?

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  4. I tried roasting tomatoes today. Smelled great but I put fresh basil in with the tomatoes as they roasted…and they basically burned up. Should I have waited till they were done? What did I do wrong! Thanks Sandy!

  5. Good grief I could inhale that in one breath!

  6. Still thinking about that last meal…But, I’m also wondering about how you roast your tomatoes. They look absolutely delicious!

  7. Oh Sandy, did you have to ask that question? :) No, you’re not the only one to think such things…I try to chase away such thoughts when they come to my mind, but now that you asked I guess I would serve fried eggplants with garlic and yogurt sauce.

  8. That dish looks AMAZING… yummmmmm and how wonderful to be together with your family before taking the trip with your husband.

  9. This sounded wonderful before you mentioned Dubliner cheese…I love that stuff!

    My kids are grown and the thoughts of something happening to them pass through my head occasionally since I’m no longer the one assuring their safety. But when I think of a meal like that, it would probably include flank steak, our favorite cilantro rice dish, margaritas and grilled peaches over vanilla ice cream for dessert.

  10. You’re definitely not the only one who gets sentimental before traveling. It sounds as though you served the perfect meal (made with a lot of love) for your family.

  11. Honestly, I’d probably cook a similar meal. Whenever I think family I think pasta for some reason. :)

  12. My last meal…well, it would have to be around a table with my family and Chris Ann’s family. I also think it would involve everyone pitching in to prepare, set the table, light the candles…work together. I love that buzz before a meal. I think I would choose a right off the boat rockfish for the main dish…grilled. Prepared with my husband’s fresh mango salsa and coconut rice….this would be my meal in the summer. If it was my last meal in the winter, I think it would involve grilled steak.

  13. Well, I think I’d cook that dish if it were my last meal – it looks amazing!! I actually think that anything enjoyed together as a family would be great – as long as you are with family!

  14. Really like the look of this recipe. Going to give it a try! :) Thank you for sharing with us!

  15. Breakfast burritos?! It’s a traditional meal for our family.

  16. Once again, you deliver a delicious recipe and more importantly remind me why it is I love to cook. Bringing family or friends together to enjoy a meal and connect. Thank you friend!

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