RE Friday Round-Up: Caesar Salad is a Comfort Food

A big plate of Caesar salad is an excellent summer meal that’s delicious and comforting. It automatically puts you in a place of “comfort” and I’m not really sure why? Maybe it’s the heavier salad dressing and croutons and cheese, or have you ever thought about how food tastes better when you’re eating with people you enjoy being with?

Since we all have a salad decision to make when we go out to dinner, house or Caesar, I’d love to take a poll and see which is more popular nation-wide.

I think of it as the choice between “fresh” or “comfort.” My husband almost always chooses Caesar, and I pick the house salad.

Either way, I’m happy to feature some yummy deliciousness here at RE today! Decide for yourself which Caesar looks good to you!

So in asking my readers today, do you normally choose a Caesar or House salad when you eat out?

Food for my Family: Grilled Romaine with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette and Bacon Crumbles

Boy Meets Food: Panko Crusted Tuna Steak Caesar Salad

Eat 2 Gather (Formally Luvs Strawberry Cake): Caesar Chicken Noodle Salad

My friend Myrna’s HAIL CAESAR SALAD that I served at this dinner party.

Tasty Kitchen: Caesar Salad Lettuce Wraps

Pink Parsley: Caesar Salad Tartlets with Roasted Garlic Crusts

Simple Comfort Food: Classic Caesar with Egg Yolks and Anchovies

Simple Bites: Grilled Caesar Salad

Dinner with Julie: Shrimp Caesar Salad

Farm Flavor: Salmon Caesar Wraps

Great Bar Food at Home: Santa Fe-Caesar Crema

Tammy’s Recipes: Caesar Fish Salad

Hun … What’s For Dinner: Caesar Salad Bread

19 comments on “RE Friday Round-Up: Caesar Salad is a Comfort Food”

  1. I’m a bit of an adventurer when it comes to restaurant salads. Last night I had a fabulous salad made with local melon, prosciutto, and arugula with a white balsamic vinaigrette. It was divine! But Jack almost always orders Caesar. He also makes a mean Caesar salad himself. Our church has a potluck every Sunday after worship, and most Sundays find Jack’s Caesar salad on the serving table. He leaves out the anchovies and doesn’t usually bother with the eggs. His trick for a quick but yummy salad? He mixes Ken’s bottled dressing with EVOO and fresh-squeezed lemon juice, red pepper flakes, and freshly ground black pepper. Fresh Romaine, freshly grated cheese, and croutons all get mixed with the dressing just before serving. It’s delicious!

  2. Caesar salad is comfort food and all of these recipe creations look amazing!

  3. I love to order a Caesar salad for lunch but usually ask that they lightly dress the salad. Most restaurants seem to use too much dressing. The best Caesar salad i have had was in Santo Domingo where they still make the salad in front of you in a large wooden bowl that they rub with a clove of garlic.

  4. I love Caesar Salad…but looking for a good bottled dressing or a simple homemade dressing that tastes great but is not TOO full of calories! Is that asking too much? Any one have suggestions?? PLEASE??? Thanks!
    I especially love Chicken Caesar salad!

  5. I love Caesar salad! I’m way to hungry to look at these pictures right now!

  6. I tend to go for the house salad. I usually get the house dressing too. Caesars are good, but sometimes a little heavy to start a meal off.

  7. Most of the time a house salad with bleu cheese dressing on the side!

  8. Tough choice..I usually choose the house, my hubby and oldest will usually choose caesar!

  9. I love a good house salad, but mostly because I am vegetarian and house salads include more vegetables! I hate having to order a ceasar salad and pick out the chicken. But I do Loooove a good caesar dressing, do you have a recipe?

  10. Oh MY. I could ceasar my face all over this post!

  11. I almost always, always choose a house salad. Mr. G honey almost always, always chooses the Caesar salad. I’m groaning looking at all those gorgeous variations on the Caesar salad. Groaning, I tell ya!

  12. My hubby doesn’t like Caesar salad so I always get it when we go out! I will have to try a couple of these to fill my need at home :-)

  13. Ooohhh! I love the bread and lettuce wrap ideas! It’s fun to mix up a classic. Happy weekend Sandy!

  14. Oh I love love love ceasar salads! How fun are all these creative versions of it!

    I used to work at a restaurant that had their classic house ceasar, but then also a Chicken Ceasar which they added radiccio, green beans, fresh mushrooms tossed in it…it was so so good!

  15. Sandy you are a Dear! Thanks for sharing my salad. I of course would choose Caesar Salad, unless there is a salad on the menu with goat cheese on it…then I’m all over that one! hugs love, Sheila

  16. Thanks for including my grilled caesar in your round-up, Sandy! Now I have to check out some of these other creative options.

  17. Caesar, because I like the lettuce better. But if I could get the Caesar salad with the extra veggies on the house salad, that would be my ideal! Love all the recipe ideas for this!

  18. I’m definitely a Caesa salad person. Always playing it safe.

  19. A classic Caesar salad, the one with the egg and the anchovies, is my favorite and hard to find these days. Of course I like it best when eaten at one of the older S.F. resturaunts where the waiter makes a big production of mixing it all right at your table. My idea of dining out!


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