The easiest, tastiest green salad usually consists of the “Rule of 3” ingredients, and is really easy to make while camping.

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A cheese, fruit, and some sort of nut.

The same goes for appetizers.

This past weekend, we took our VW Camper Van up to Lake of the Woods, which is a beautiful lake nestled between our valley and Klamath Falls. (My cutie-petutie husband w/our VW.)

Here’s my last camping post I wrote. We really keep it simple!

We joined our friends and I was asked to bring an appetizer, so easy this time of year, with so many fresh fruits available to us.

We picked more strawberries from our garden (hard to believe, but yes, we’re still harvesting them). BTW, there is just nothing better than a homegrown strawberry!

Added more berries, goat cheese, and pistachios.

In the center of the plate, which I think is the best part of the appetizer, we added a jar of Pennington Farm’s Golden Raspberry Jam, with a tiny spoon for spreading.

Spread that on a piece of salted bread and goat cheese, with a berry on top.

The perfect bite.

"The Perfect Bite" Easy Summer Appetizer Platter for Camping

For those who aren’t fruit lovers, I try to always add a veggie (in this case, a fresh cucumber).

So easy and fresh.

Served with pita chips.

And in the great outdoors, with long-time friends (30 years we’re talking!), for some reason food just tastes a whole lot better.

Now, I wish I had just gotten a picture of the 8 of us!

What is the “perfect bite” that you enjoy in an appetizer?