Day 3. Entertaining. The Gift of Food.


End-of-summer, beginning of Autumn entertaining.

Entertaining to me is easy. I’m not reluctant, which confuses many because of the title of my blog. But I came up with the name Reluctant Entertainer when I realized people just don’t ever do it. So even though I’m not reluctant, I still have to push past my fears – a lot.

People are too worried about what others think to open up their homes. (My sons poured the water; oops! a little spill …)

Some people I know only do it when they can throw a big party, because they think people “expect it.”

I think they are wrong. I think they want to impress. Or, they believe if they can’t impress, they shouldn’t try.

People don’t expect anything, except for a good meal (yes, food is important!) and a good time. A good time is called “connection.” It’s when you feel comfortable with the people you are eating with. You enjoy their company. You break bread together and you bond — sometimes over the good things in life, sometimes over painful things in life, either over laughter or tears.

When we put ourselves aside and decide to give the gift of love and food to others, and make sure everyone has a good time, that is true entertaining. (And remember, even at age 6, we can teach and learn a lot about hospitality!)

Last Sunday night we hosted 17 here in our backyard.

Being the end of summer, I bought $3.99 flowers at the local grocery store (inexpensive; the flowers in our yard are looking very “end-of-summer-ish”).

I used a brightly colored paper napkin.

Set out the dishes. The family helped me set the table.

Our friends brought some of the food so the whole meal wasn’t on me.

The older mingled with the younger.

Good food. Good fellowship. Good conversation. Memorable for all.

It was good ol’ fashioned entertaining. Nothing over-the-top.

But I wonder … I wonder … what if our conversation was life-changing, even for one person at the table?

We just never know.

End of summer entertaining. Moving forward in to Autumn. It brings a warmth and excitement to my soul. :)

When’s the last time you pushed past your fear of entertaining, and just did it?

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6 comments on “Day 3. Entertaining. The Gift of Food.”

  1. After a very busy May, June and July entertaining, we cut back in August and actually have nothing planned for September. As much as I love entertaining having no fear of it at all, I needed a break. But now I’m busy preparing for our Canadian Thanksgiving in early October – 25 for dinner so far. Yikes.

  2. Oh I wish I had the space to host such big lovely parties! You make it seem like an art form :)

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  4. Beautiful table! We have a u-cut sunflower place close by right now…only $.50 a stem…makes for a gorgeous centerpiece.

  5. What a gorgeous table! I love what you did with the grocery store flowers!

  6. Sandy – Love your series. And what I love about your tips is that though they are super great when hosting friends and family…. I’m going to apply these tips to a special dinner for my family of four. We are in a super crazy busy season where dinner together is a precious time. So I think it’s time to make meal time a little extra special with some of the touches you used. LOVE the idea of taking an inexpensive flower arrangement and using it in the bowls that way!!!

    Have a great long weekend Friend!

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