Thinking ahead to springtime, now is the time to plant bulbs of garden dreams to come.

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Or, in my home, entertaining dreams.

One thing I love about spring is, if you plan your yard and garden beds right now, you can have fresh flowers from early spring until late fall – a perfect touch for a simple table.

When we moved into our house, we were blessed with some amazing plants, but there was plenty of space to add more beauty.

Planting Bulbs Now
– Starting in late summer, gather different varieties of bags of bulbs and store in a cool place
– On several Costco runs, I’d stock up by buying one bag here and there (an easy way to spread out the cost, they also have coupons often)
– Before the frost comes, draw your flower beds and design where you want more flowers
– Plant the bulbs, making sure you follow directions on the packaging for the right depth
– Make sure your current beds are cleaned and pruned, which allows you to see the open areas
– Use a shovel or a tool to help dig the holes; even a large kitchen spoon will work
– Make sure the growing tip is pointing up; cover with soil and water the area
– Spread mulch over the planted area to prevent freezing and thawing
– Keep the “design” and use it for future reference, so you know what you’ve planted
– For inspiration, tape the design on the inside of the kitchen cabinet

The last tip, I love. Every time I opened my kitchen cabinet in my “old kitchen” I saw and looked forward to what I had planted.

I was able to plant bulbs this last week (we still have beautiful, sunny weather in Oregon). My design is going “inside the cabinet” and I can’t wait to be inspired for spring, for snipping a few flowers here and there for my tables, and for even a small bouquet to take to a friend or a neighbor. I’ve added a small vase when taking a meal to a family.

It’s a warm way to give and brighten up a person’s life, just because you will know they appreciate the thought, but also a simple way to show love.

Warm connections come from the beauty of nature. All we have to do is think ahead … in our case, fall into spring. Plant your bulbs now.

What bulbs come up every year in your yard? And have you started the bulb-planting process this season?

Get caught up, Days 1-28 of 31 Days of Warm Connections, HERE. I also found a really cool website on planting bulbs … it’s called Check it out.