Warm Connections {Day 29}: Fall into Spring by Planting Bulbs Now

Thinking ahead to springtime, now is the time to plant bulbs of garden dreams to come.

Or, in my home, entertaining dreams.

One thing I love about spring is, if you plan your yard and garden beds right now, you can have fresh flowers from early spring until late fall – a perfect touch for a simple table.

When we moved into our house, we were blessed with some amazing plants, but there was plenty of space to add more beauty.

Planting Bulbs Now
– Starting in late summer, gather different varieties of bags of bulbs and store in a cool place
– On several Costco runs, I’d stock up by buying one bag here and there (an easy way to spread out the cost, they also have coupons often)
– Before the frost comes, draw your flower beds and design where you want more flowers
– Plant the bulbs, making sure you follow directions on the packaging for the right depth
– Make sure your current beds are cleaned and pruned, which allows you to see the open areas
– Use a shovel or a tool to help dig the holes; even a large kitchen spoon will work
– Make sure the growing tip is pointing up; cover with soil and water the area
– Spread mulch over the planted area to prevent freezing and thawing
– Keep the “design” and use it for future reference, so you know what you’ve planted
– For inspiration, tape the design on the inside of the kitchen cabinet

The last tip, I love. Every time I opened my kitchen cabinet in my “old kitchen” I saw and looked forward to what I had planted.

I was able to plant bulbs this last week (we still have beautiful, sunny weather in Oregon). My design is going “inside the cabinet” and I can’t wait to be inspired for spring, for snipping a few flowers here and there for my tables, and for even a small bouquet to take to a friend or a neighbor. I’ve added a small vase when taking a meal to a family.

It’s a warm way to give and brighten up a person’s life, just because you will know they appreciate the thought, but also a simple way to show love.

Warm connections come from the beauty of nature. All we have to do is think ahead … in our case, fall into spring. Plant your bulbs now.

What bulbs come up every year in your yard? And have you started the bulb-planting process this season?

Get caught up, Days 1-28 of 31 Days of Warm Connections, HERE. I also found a really cool website on planting bulbs … it’s called DigDropDone.com. Check it out.

4 comments on “Warm Connections {Day 29}: Fall into Spring by Planting Bulbs Now”

  1. Spring is the best time for plantation because at that time plants can gain maximum oxygen and nutrition from the atmosphere. Many people are waiting for spring to do plantation.

  2. We were blessed to have daffodils were growing in our fields, so we have transplanted a number of those over the years. We haven’t started planting/transplanting any new ones this year.

  3. Funny I should read this today- heading out the door to plant bags and bags of bulbs in our CV garden…along with getting the roses ready for spring-
    Just hope the gophers leave my bulbs alone this year.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. We recently planted iris at the house in the mountains. We discovered it is one plant the deer don’t eat. We divide some and add some new ones each year in hopes of having one area of the hillside covered eventually.


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