Passion for the art of the brew is rare. For many, brewing has become automatic or drive-thru. At Storyville, they help you find a coffee ritual that creates space, that invites you to think, to create, to dream …

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Here’s our story …

My husband and I go camping in our VW Westfalia at Union Creek any chance we get. We actually take advantage of the beauty in the Pacific Northwest quite often during spring, summer, and fall, as our favorite campsite is only 45 minutes away. It’s an inexpensive 24-hour getaway for us, and one that we try to encourage others to do as well. It’s sad that the season has come to an end for us.

Of course it’s easier to pick up and go with our VW camper van, but if you get your stuff organized and ready for “last-minute,” you’ll be amazed at how refreshing a one-night getaway can be.

Paul and I love to sleep in, start a roaring fire, and then it’s time for our morning treat.


Even in the winter months if we get away for one night, without the campfire, we still love our coffee together.

Warm connections come from “just sitting,” fresh espresso, talking and dreaming with the one you love.

How do you enjoy coffee in the mornings?

The quality of Storyville coffee starts here:
It’s incredibly fresh
It holds its structure well when ground
It doesn’t fall apart
It’s sweet and savory
It has a great floral-ness and a slightly nutty flavor
You don’t have to shop for it
You can sign up for weekly delivery to your home

We learned about this unique coffee by attending an International Justice Mission in-home concert a few years back. I hope you will take the time to read more about the IJM mission, here.

(This is not a paid advertisement, I’m only sharing my views about something we love.)