Family Vacation: Getting Away from Speed and Noise in a Techie-World

Bend, Oregon | Reluctant Entertainer

“Stillness of soul is increasingly rare in this world addicted to speed and noise.” –Sarah Young

Oh, just editing these pictures makes me miss our time with our kids last week near Bend, Oregon.

Bend, Oregon | Reluctant Entertainer

Bend, Oregon | Reluctant Entertainer

The weather was so amazing, we sat out every day and enjoyed the sun, rode bikes, went on hikes (looking for the perfect fly-fishing area for the next time we’re back).

Bend, Oregon | Reluctant Entertainer

Bend, Oregon | Reluctant Entertainer

Taking time to get away and still the soul is good for all. Not just for me and Paul, but for the sibs–an important bonding time.

It takes effort, planning, purpose, and a determination to put away social media for chunks of quality time together, in such a techie-world. And believe we, we are not perfect at this. But we try.

The fruit and blessings that come from getting away from speed and noise …it’s hard to even pen.

When’s the last time you purposely set aside social media for quality family time?

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  2. I love family time! We try to get to the beach, even for the day, to get away. I always can tell that when my kids start bickering (over the summer) they need a day at the beach together, it always bonds them (and us!). So necessary! Your pics are awesome, looks beautiful.

  3. Wonderful. This is inspiring me to talk to my husband tomorrow morning about a camping trip with our 3 kids this summer. Thanks for sharing !

  4. My husband and I went to Yellowstone Park for a week. We shared our lives with rolling streams, mountains, wildlife, snow, geysers and each other. We talked or didn’t . We ate apples and peanut butter for lunch and never went back to our cabin before dark. We had no power for our cell phones, etc. It was the week of our lives.

  5. Looks like great family time and I think I recognize Sunriver…..a beautiful place. Love it in October.

  6. We went to the beach for a few days during spring break. I brought my computer along since I needed to close a Pampered Chef show I’d had the week before, but other than that just refrained from posting to FB and it was kinda nice…when we had down time here and there we’d check things or browse things online…one girl looking for prom dresses, but really, we kept it to a minimum.

    So excited to go to Sunriver this summer!!! We’ve never actually gone during the summer time so I’m a bit excited.

  7. We try and take time once a month to get away and put our phones on silent just to BE as a family – we have a trip later in the summer planned for just this, though, and I can’t wait!

  8. This looks like the most amazing vacation. We love relaxing by the water!

  9. Friend! Love these pictures!

  10. Glad you got away from it all for a while and that the weather cooperated!!

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