Repurposing fountain to flower pot

Happy Monday, friends! The water fountain flower pot DIY project that I’m sharing today has a story of its own. What started as a beautiful water feature next to our patio, where we love to entertain and were very excited for the “natural waterfall sound,” turned into a repurposed piece for flower pot ideas.

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It ended up cracked, and we tried and tried to fix the concrete. Ugh. I hate throwing things out we paid good money for, don’t you?

Last week I was weeding, pruning, mowing, and picking raspberries and strawberries near this piece, when my mind started wandering. Gardening always makes me think of real-life situations and friendships. For some reason I tend to think about relationships when I’m doing tasks. Mm-m-m, I wonder if I’m the only one!?

Repurposing fountain to flower pot

Gardening takes a lot of time, watering, and weeding, but the outcome brings so much joy.

We all go through life with disappointments, broken relationships, seasons where friends come and go. I feel we can focus way too much energy on situations that may never change. It’s easy to focus on the negative–like our water feature with its cracks and flaws.

One thing I’ve been focusing on, and maybe this has to do with turning 50 this year, is the relationships in my life that are “right.” You know the ones I’m talking about–the ones that take little work, give in return lots of love, no drama, no expectations, a true connection. Life is short (or getting shorter). It’s good to be with people who make us better people, too! But it all comes back around, because relationships do take work, time, and investment.

So instead of tossing the cracked water feature in our backyard, we decided to turn it into a beautiful flower pot! Why not repurpose it into something useable? With the size of our yard, we are always looking for height where we can get it.

We added dirt along the bottom part of the fountain.

Repurposing fountain to flower pot

Each year we add a new arrangement of flowers growing on the top part.


Relating it to friendships, I don’t want to focus on the flaws and mistakes of others.

Instead, I really want my energy and love to move toward noticing, appreciating, and praying for friends in my life.

Appreciating their gifts, values, and how they have blessed my life.

Blessed with true camaraderie, connection, and value.

So, thank you God, for the gift of beautiful people and how you’ve made each of us so creative, unique, and beautiful. :)

How do you relate gardening to friendships, and have you learned the value of focusing on what’s right instead of the negative?