How to Store Berries on the Counter

storing berries

We were recently in Portland with our friends seeing Garrison Keillor, which was fantastic. He is such a legend. It was dreamy how he weaved his way through the audience singing folksy American favorites, love songs, and a few hymns. Earlier that day, after going to the Farmer’s Market in downtown Portland, and indulging in a mixed variety of berries, I thought about the shelf life and how to store berries on the counter to make them last longer, and a new quick way that we came up with in our home.

Portland Farmer's Market berries

As soon as we pick our berries from the vine, we can’t eat them fast enough. So my very smart husband came up with a really snappy idea for making the fruit last.

store berries

Best way to store berries on the counter:

-Take containers from fruit bought in the store and rinse them out.

-Pick homegrown berries; rinse and store in the plastic containers.

-It makes the fruit last much longer, with the ventilation.

Freezing berries

One of our favorite late summer snacks is to take a bowl of raspberries, and add a tiny bit of half-and-half or cream to the bowl.

You think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

It’s better than ice cream!

How do you make berries last longer on the counter?

Better yet, are you a Keillor fan?

12 comments on “How to Store Berries on the Counter”

  1. mmm I’ll have to try adding a little half-and-half to my raspberries!

  2. Gorgeous berries! And really helpful tips :)

  3. Love this – I guess those grocery people know a thing or two!! We have fresh blueberries from the garden coming soon and this trick will come in handy!

  4. We love Garrison Keillor! No one can tell a story the way he does! And his voice is positively hypnotic!

  5. I’ve been storing my strawberries in mason jars in the fridge and they last for weeks that way. Will have to try on the counter and compare, thanks!

  6. Recycling and rapsberrying all in one. I told you my Garrison story, I have yet to become a fan :)

  7. oh yes, a longtime Keillor fan. I”ve a favorite memory of a lovely date night when we lived in New York City … Indian food at a wonderful restaurant sitting on satin cushions, then Garrison Keillor live in some theater. so long ago!

    deb meyers

  8. Wonderful summer berry storage tip, Sandy!

  9. Raspberries are my favorite fruit! Thanks for the great tip.

    Life WIth Lorelai

  10. I knew I liked your husband after I met him but now I like him even more! This is brilliant!

  11. I love the thought of recycling old fruit containers – especially if it makes it easier to eat more fresh berries!

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