IKEA Outdoor Table | Reluctant Entertainer

I’m so behind on a few posts, like our new IKEA table we got last year for eating outdoors, and a post on our patio lights. We love our table, we have a ton of lights on our patio and garden area, and in southern Oregon we’re eating outside from May to the end of October. It’s glorious!

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The history of our “first” outdoor table is that we bought it so many years ago from Cotsco, and even though it was an off-colored green (in nice terms, ugly green), I still used table cloths and made the table pretty!

eating outdoors

The chairs were SO comfortable, and we didn’t want to spend money to buy a new table when the current one worked so well. I wrote a post years ago asking if anyone had tips on changing the color. We figured it would be too much work to try to paint the chairs black.

outdoor table

Long story short, last year while at IKEA in Portland, we stumbled upon a new table that fit our entertaining space quite nicely, for only $195. The cool thing is, we can now fit 10 around it comfortably.

It weathered a winter just fine.

We love how it’s extendable.

IKEA Outdoor Table | Reluctant Entertainer

We bought additional black stacking chairs for $14.99 each.

And came home and sold our green set on Craig’s List for $175.

We try to be frugal in our backyard and either repurpose or buy used, and for under $100 more, we changed the look and updated our table for eating outdoors.

Our only regret was that we didn’t buy two of the IKEA tables. They are adjustable and weather-proof! And we’re always having to add an extra table on for large dinner parties.

IKEA Outdoor Table | Reluctant Entertainer

I don’t like it when I feel discontented or unsatisfied, but on the other hand, it’s okay to want to make the best of your outdoor space, pleasing to the eye, and comfortable for your guests.

Next trip to Portland, we may just have to see if we luck out again!

Do you hem and haw over your current outdoor furniture, or are you content with how it fits your entertaining space?

This post is not sponsored by IKEA; all opinions are my own!