Fruit Platter Ideas for Entertaining

These Fruit Platter Ideas for Entertaining are simple, fresh, and beautiful!

Appetizer Platter with fruit, goat cheese, and chutney

One of my favorite aspects of entertaining is when the guests arrive, and everyone is fresh, ready for a drink, ready to relax and have a good time!

For summertime, fruit platter ideas for entertaining are the best, because you don’t have to put much thought into it. Fruit + Cheese = Love. :)

Loving all my white dishes and serving platters, I keep my 2 largest white trays above my oven, in my vertically stacked cupboard. Easy access, I’d say I use these 2 platters weekly, if not more. If you don’t have any standard large platters for appetizers, stock up and get rid of the smaller ones. Big is easy! You don’t have to necessarily fill it up, either. It’s okay to have space around the perimeter. With everyone digging in to the food, it’s better this way, so the food doesn’t fall off the side and make a mess.

I’d say that appetizers nowadays seem to be fresher, with chutneys, fresh veggies and fruit, and fewer heavy dips. I love that.

For this dinner party I kept it simple.

Pita cracker, goat cheese, chutney, blackberry

Simple is lovely.

Lovely is what we all want in a dinner party, right?

Besides the lovely people who are gracing your home, it’s good to be happy with the dishes you are preparing. There’s nothing worse than setting out a dish and not being happy with the way it turned out.

Simple Fruit Platter
Goat cheese
Jar of chutney
Side of pita chips

Set out the cocktail napkins. Make sure you have good drinks available. Set the platter on a low service area where everyone can reach in and partake. Make sure that you have good spreaders. I’ve been guilty of putting out too small of a spreader, or too large, and that makes the spreading of the cheese frustrating.

And most importantly, as a hostess (hand raised at this dinner party!) make sure and sit down with your guests and ENJOY!

What’s your favorite variety of fruits for an appetizer platter?

Fruit Platter Ideas for Entertaining |

Fruit Platter Ideas for Entertaining

Prep Time: 10 minutes


  • Grapes
  • Cherries
  • Blackberries
  • Goat cheese
  • Jar of chutney
  • Side of pita chips


  1. Wash and set the fruit out on a platter. Place the goat cheese next to the fruit.
  2. Arrange the chips or crackers. Open a jar of chutney; serve!

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Photo credits from Heidi when she visited my home for dinner last year. Visit her blog at Foodie Crush.


  1. You are so right….simple IS lovely! What a great idea, Sandy!

  2. Oh goodness this looks great — thanks for the tips. We love any type of berry and roasted almonds. I will definitely add chutney to the platter next time. Sounds perfect!

  3. There is nothing better than some cheese, a cracker and a sweet piece of fruit!!

  4. Good tips & pictures!!! That is one more juicy blackberry (YUM)!!!

  5. I love these tips!! That platter looks amazing! PS I can’t wait to see you again, Sandy!!

  6. Really pretty pictures and great ideas!

  7. That’s the hardest part of throwing a dinner, sitting down to enjoy time with my guests. Great post!

  8. I may use sliced pears & apples (dipped in a little lemon water to keep from turning brown) or fresh apricot halves. Dried apricots are a great option too, or dried spiced mangos from Trader Joe’s. Friends gave us a jar of fig jam for Christmas & that’s now a frequent flyer on cheese plates. I may add toasted walnuts too. So pretty & easy.

  9. Looks like such a great party!

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  11. Beautiful, delicious and easy… what a perfect combo!

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