Italian Dinner Party Menu with Lovely Friends

This Italian Dinner Party Menu can be served year round for a lovely party.

Sunflower table

I love my beautiful girlfriends, especially when they are in the kitchen. It warms my spirit to see their hands busy with food and drink and making everyone happy around them. They recently came together and created the most delicious Italian dinner party menu, for my birthday!

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I love experiencing home cooked meals in other homes than mine! So this was a very fun night for me. To be honest, I get really tired of eating my own cooking. So it’s a treat to see how others set the table, use their own creativity and design, and come up with fabulous menus.

Entertaining is a lost art. Period. It’s true, some people still invite guests into their home. But the majority? Nope.

Sunflower table

For some reason, we think I attract those who like to entertain, because my husband and I never get caught in the cycle of “always having the party at our house.” We get invited out a lot, and we feel very blessed to have so many talented and gracious friends.

Lady friends are the ones that really make it happen though. I have groups and pockets of friends all over, and I love how when we are together, we weave special moments of catching up, reminiscing, sharing recipes and talking a lot about our family and faith, and lives.

Recently we all came together in Jenny’s home. But I watched how everyone’s hands were involved from flowers to the food.

Dollar Store green goblet

Years ago, Jenny and I both bought the same Dollar Tree water goblets. So between us, I think we have about 100 of them. They never break. They are as sturdy as an ox. We also have the same olive green tinted Dollar Tree wine glasses! So pretty!

Repurposing a can for flower vessel

She and Kristi went searching in our friend’s yard for beautiful flowers to display on her tabletop. (Good idea!) And used the repurposed can method that I’ve written about here on RE.

Repurposing a can for flower vessel

The party was a milestone birthday for me, so I was blessed beyond words. I sat back and soaked it all in – every word, smile, laugh, tear. It was a perfect night.


What draws me to people is their genuine, authentic spirit, and with this group of friends, even as cracked pots, our flaws and weaknesses, when we come together for a dinner party, we listen and love.

Italian Dinner Party Menu

We love, reach down deep for moments in our lives that define us, (sometimes we have to dig deep), and we tell stories of where we’ve been and where we are today.

It’s not the experiences that make us real. It’s the ability to be honest and share our lives with others. Which all comes back to entertaining, and having people around our tables for food and talk.

On this night, I couldn’t have asked for any more than the love that flowed in vast supplies.

It was rich and sweet and warm.

And I was blessed.

Do you think entertaining has become a lost art?

Jenny’s Italian Dinner Party Menu …

Watermelon Feta Bites
Stuffed Mushrooms
Brie with fruit
Caprese Salad

Main Course:
Several green salads & bread
Meat and Sausage Lasagna
Vegetarian Manicotti with White Cream Sauce
Baked Rigatoni with Artichoke, Spinach and Pesto

Key Lime Pie
Tres Leche Caramel Cake

21 comments on “Italian Dinner Party Menu with Lovely Friends”

  1. Italian food is one of the best food which includes a variety of food menus. Dinner party with friends brings lots of funs and happiness it is such a memorable moments to share Italian food with friends.

  2. YUM. sounds amazing. What special friends you have. I do think entertaining has become a lost art…I think too many people, even myself included sometimes get caught up and life and don’t nurture the relationships around us through entertaining.

  3. You are so inspiring – thank you – and Happy Birthday !

  4. Love the can idea!

  5. So beautiful Sandy! I’m speaking of your words as much as your dinner table! I love entertaining too for the gift of getting to spend time with family and friends. Menu looks delicious too!!!

  6. You are so blessed with such a special group of friends!!! I would have loved to be at this dinner with you, the food and the atmosphere sound absolutely wonderful!

    And I really do think entertaining has become a lots art in a way…I was just talking with our good friends over the weekend. We used to be at each others houses all the time for barbecues, cocktails, appetizers watching games… until they moved out of state. It makes me realize how much I’m missing it.

  7. I entertain a it’s hard for me to ascertain if it’s a lost art…certainly for me it’s not! I think more of the people I know have actually gravitated to entertaining at home; realizing it’s more casual and fun then always going out to a restaurant.

    Lovely table too!

  8. What a wonderful dinner party! You truly are blessed! Love the can “flower vases”

  9. Last week was one for the books here. I have your birthday card by the calendar and then couldn’t find your address (please send?!). I am so thrilled you were treated to a lovely dinner surrounded by friends! My party plans are underway and I’m so excited!

  10. I’m so glad you had a wonderful birthday! Your parties always inspire me!

  11. Such a beautiful post Sandy! I definitely agree that entertaining is becoming a lost art, and my hope is that we can share the joy of being with people and really living life together with our children!

  12. Just beautiful. I love the glassware and the garden flowers pouring out of colorful re-purposed tin cans. LOVE that. I love the collection of warm-hearted girlfriends. (I’m lucky in that way too.)
    Thanks for the recipes, and HAPPY happy milestone birthday!
    xoxoxo Love from Oklahoma

  13. Do I ever agree with you about entertaining being a lost art! I have an LJ blog with lots and lots of readers, and I was shocked last week — as I was talking about our July 3 pre-holiday dinner party, so many people said that they simply never entertain, and in some cases, never have. I think so much of the problem is that people think everything has to be fancy or perfect, which you show very clearly is just not the case. thanks.

  14. What a beautiful dinner party–I agree. Entertaining is a lost art and very few of us actually do it! I love the tablescape and the jars as vases! Happy belated birthday!

  15. How great that they did this for you!!! What a great night!

  16. That looks like so much fun! The decor on the table is beautiful and the menu sounds delicious. :)

  17. Lovely dinner party! Glad you had a great birthday!

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