4th of July S’Mores Chocolate Treats

Enjoy these 4th of July S’Mores Chocolate Treats, and a great way of displaying your party ingredients, in patriotic style!

S'Mores Chocolate

Cooking S’Mores Chocolate treats over an outdoor fire pit or bowl is relaxing and sweet!

A family favorite, perfect for summer holidays, camping, and the months ahead with friends and family. I love how we can bring the outdoors, like a fire that you’d typically enjoy when camping, into our backyards for a touch of ambience that is the focal point for entertaining! Yay!

S’mores are always a big party hit, and a family favorite–for home or away camping!

We are really enjoying our Camp Chef fire table because you can sit around the fire and serve cocktails, make s’mores, or roast foods on long forks for a casual dinner.

The quality is supurb and so easy to assemble, and the material is high quality. I’m sure we will be enjoying this for years to come!

4th of July S’Mores Chocolate Treats

Here’s a FUN idea for 4th of July, to display all the s’more ingredients.

Starting with a tray and Dollar Store napkins.

S'Mores Chocolate

Add your favorite chocolate bar pieces … have you ever tried a Symphony bar? So good!

S'Mores Chocolate

Line a tray with napkins, and then lay out and layer the ingredients (chocolate, graham crackers, marshmallows) “patriotic” style.

S'Mores Chocolate

Here’s a great way to display your drinks, with your favorite beverage and fresh blueberries.

Organized, festive, and ready to dive in … perfect for your fire pit, campfire, or next holiday summer gathering!

What’s your favorite food to roast on a fire?

4th of July S'Mores Chocolate Treats


  • Symphony candy bar
  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Patriotic napkins


  1. Line a tray with patriotic napkins. On the upper left corner, place Symphony chocoalte bar pieces together in the shape of the stars of a flag (rectangular).
  2. Layer the graham crackers on top of each other in 3 rows (with the napkins showing through).
  3. Place the marshmallows in between the graham crackers for a final flag style presentation!
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4th of July S'Mores Chocolate Treats
S'Mores Chocolate




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  1. Marshmallows!!

  2. S mores!!

  3. Love roasting homemade marshmallows!

  4. i love kabobs!

  5. my fave food to roast has to be marshmallows – but also when camping it’s pretty awesome to make breakfast over the fire!

  6. My favorite foods to roast on a fire: fruit and sandwich pies, marshmallows, hot dogs and the kids love the smores.

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  10. Marshmallows for sure!

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  12. I love roasting marshmallows… who doesn’t??? It’s a childhood favorite for sure!

    I like Reluctant Entertainer on Facebook! :) Love your blog, your recipes, and your sweet spirit!

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  16. S’mores are always my favorite! This summer, I can’t wait to make some with peanut butter cups :)

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  21. FUN! My boys would love this! Over a fire it has to hot dogs and s’mores. It’s been a while since I’ve done either.

  22. I really haven’t cooked too many things over an open fire. I really do enjoy torching up a marshmallow and eating it all black and ashy. Sounds gross, I know, but it really does taste good… but so bad for you! I also like to cook kebabs over an open fire.

  23. Marshmallow

  24. Happy birthday!

    I like to roast hot dogs.

  25. I subscribe via email.

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  31. S’mores !!!!

    Lynn G.

  32. LOVE your blog! I get so many ideas from you.
    I FOLLOW you on Pinterest and Twitter
    and I LIKE you on FaceBook

  33. I love to roast marshmellows over a fire.

  34. Definitely marshmallows!!

  35. I have never really roasted anything over an open fire other than marshmallows for smores! Yum!

  36. vegetables

  37. I subscribe to your blog

  38. I like a good brat on a stick!

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  41. Hot dogs!

  42. happy birthday!!!!!

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  46. I’m a hot dog girl all the way – s’mores are awesome, but I love salty stuff so much!

  47. I love hot dogs and sausages!

  48. Cinnamon bears. So yummy, but so are smores.

  49. s’mores!

  50. Marshmallows to turn into S’Mores

  51. Love S’mores!!

  52. I’m a sugar addict so it’s hard to beat a roasted marshmallow!

  53. I follow on Facebook!

  54. Mashmallows for smores is a given..what I really love to roast over the fire is fresh pineapple spears that have been soaked in rum..delish!

  55. I’m an email subscriber!

  56. Hot dogs are always yummy, but I do love marshmallows. Last year we tried a s’more with dark chocoloate and fresh raspberries on it. Oh WOW! YUM!

  57. hot dogs

  58. Roasted is the only way I like marshmallows! woot! Chocolate and melty goodness!

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  61. Most definitely marshmallows!

  62. All kinds of s’mores…

  63. Fire roasted “orange peel brownies”. Yummm. And of course tons of s’ mores.

  64. Marshmallows or pizza …

  65. I love watching my kids roast the perfect marshmallows with a piece of chocolate placed through it! Yummy! :-D

  66. Definitely marshmallows. Love the crispy outside and soft inside :-)

  67. Marshmallows are our favorite open fire roasting treat! Thanks!

  68. I follow you both on Twitter (@susiequips)

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  70. I follow you on Pinterest thanks!

  71. Smores for sure!

  72. Definitely marshmallows, you can’t beat a roasted marshmallow.

  73. Marshmallows of course–especially the burnt ones!

  74. Corn on the cob with jalapeno butter! Then banana boats filled with s’more goodies!

  75. I love to roast pop tarts… amazing!

  76. By all means it must be marshmallows for S’Mores!!!!! a fire without marshmallows is a sin!!!!

  77. Definitely s’mores!

  78. Marshmallows. Might have to check out Pop Tarts as someone said above!

  79. It would have to be hot dogs and then Smores.

  80. I am a purist, I love to roast marshmallows on the fire pit.

  81. Marshmallows are the best! :)

  82. Marshmallows! Until they are black and crispy.

  83. My favorite food to roast over an open fire is HOT DOGS! Yummmm.

  84. Surf & Turf!

  85. My fave food on a fire is hot dogs…. it’s usually the only way I will eat them ;)

  86. I love roasted asparagus or potatoes over a fire…along with hot dogs and marshmallows! :)

  87. Kabobs with veggies and meat cutlets. The open flames give it a unique flavor rather than using a gas grill where you lose that overall smokiness.

  88. I “liked” Reluctant Entertainer and Avant Garden on Facebook for extra entries. I also followed Reluctant Entertainer and Avant Garden on Twitter for extra entries. Thanks!

  89. I love to make smores!!

  90. I love roasting hot dogs!! :-D

  91. Jalapeno/cream cheese poppers!

  92. Jiffy Pop!

  93. Coconut marshmallows!

  94. I would have to say… HOT DOGS! My disgusting guilty pleasure. : )

  95. I love roasting corn over the fire.

  96. Marshmallows, definitely! Roasted hot dogs would probably come in second. :)

  97. I “liked” Reluctant Entertainer and Avant Garden on Facebook for extra entries.

  98. Aside from marshmallows, I love roasting corn and other veggies!

  99. S’MORES! S’MORES! and more S’MORES!

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  101. Hot dogs!

  102. Marshmallows, of course! :-P

  103. Roasting marshmallows is the best….but I do love weenie roasts also!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful fire pit. Oh yea, by the way have a very Happy Birthday!!!

  104. Marshmallows silly!!!!

  105. corn! Yum! !!

  106. Banana boats! With marshmallows and chocolate! Delish

  107. I like Reluctant Entertainer and Avant Garden Decor on Facebook (Windy Stallings Phillips).

  108. Love roasting hot dogs on the fire.

  109. I am following you both on Twitter! (@windyphillips)

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  111. Corn in the husk!

  112. Hot dogs!

  113. What is a sandwich pie? Would you share what that is and how to make them… I would like to try it!

  114. Liked Reluctant Entertainer on facebook.

  115. We love making pudgie pies. Any kind is great: grilled cheese, ham and cheese, peanut butter, fruit pies. My kids love them too.

  116. Marshmallows!

  117. I prepare a different kabob for each guest. We all roast them and then combine all kabobs on a platter. We then make fajitas . We all helped to make a delicious and fun dinner.

  118. a golden roasted marshmallow is the best… followed by my backside on a cold evening!

  119. I am a follower on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google +. :)

  120. Subscribed to your RSS feed via Email and Bloglovin’. Thanks for the great giveaway. I would love to use this on my screened-in porch!

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  122. Marshmallows!

  123. Roasted marshmallows!!!

  124. I love making smores and hot dogs over the fire!

  125. Followed on reluctant entertainer on instagram and fb

  126. Roasted marshmallows!

  127. I like to roast hot dogs!

  128. Long time Facebook Fan!

  129. Roasted Corn!! always a winner!!

  130. I love roasting veggie kabobs!

  131. I love to roast marshmallows…btw my birthday is July 5th, too!

  132. roasted garlic!

  133. Smores and hot dogs! I would love this for my family! I liked Reluctant Entertainer and Avant Garden Decor on Facebook. I am also following you on Instagram and Pinterest! Love your ideas and products!

  134. Sausage!

  135. Hot Dogs!

  136. I have liked both Facebook pages…thx

  137. I LOVE smore’s, especially with Reese’s PB Cups!!!

  138. I love roasting grilled cheese over a flame (with my handy camping sandwich maker of course). Marshmallows and hot dogs are also delicious, but our camping grilled cheese is more us :)

  139. Marshmallows are the only thing I’ve ever roasted over a fire!

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  141. Marshmallows!!!

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  151. I love to roast marshmellows and also chicken hotdogs Yum yum … .

  152. Love marshmallows,especially in smores!

  153. I love making homemade “pies” two pieces of bread buttered on one side put them in the pie iron with your favorite pie filling! Yum-O~!

  154. I subscribed to RE and “liked’ on FB

  155. We tend to cook over our campfires, and steak is certainly a favorite.

  156. Mexican corn.

  157. What’s your favorite food to roast on a fire? Pineapple!!!!

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  159. Definitely marshmallows

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  164. Hamburgers and green peppers!


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  166. Marshmellows, but I just got one of those pie makers and can’t wait to try it!!!

  167. Grilled veggies!!

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  172. We enjoy grilling vegetables on the grill such as squash, zucchini, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Yummy!

  173. Marshmallows!

  174. I would say hot dogs are great over a fire!

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  185. There is nothing like a hot dog roasted on an open fire!

  186. And the marshmallows have it….!!

  187. I like to roast homemade marshmallows!

  188. Marshmallows! Toasted Perfectly :) It takes a little time and patience.

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  193. I liked Avant Garden on FB….happiest birthday to you, by the way!!!! :)

  194. I have to go with S’mores, too! My fave way is to skip the chocolate bar and spread a little nutella on the graham crackers instead! So good! :-)

  195. Corn!

  196. I love to roast marshmallows:)

  197. I love to roast marshmallows of course!

  198. I hate marshmallows, so my favorite food would be hot dogs! :)

  199. I “liked” you on Facebook.

  200. Pudgy Pies. Birthday blessings to you.

  201. I’m simple – I love to roast marshmallows! And I’m not against using them for s’mores, either!

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  203. With or without the firepit, I will eat a s’more in honor of your birthday! Promise!

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  213. My favorite food to roast is hotdogs.

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  216. Marshmallows!

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    Happy Birthday!!

  228. I think marshmallows are by far my favorite to roast on an open fire, but right now looking at it, I could really go for a hot dog!

  229. I love to roast hot dogs! The more burnt, the better!

  230. Marshmallows!

  231. Oh, love all the suggestions here – but the Mexican corn made me think about a favorite from Ecuador – plantains that are split open, roasted, and filled with crumbled cheese on one half and crushed peanuts on the other (because I can never decide).

  232. I like Like Reluctant Entertainer and Avant Garden Decor on Facebook.

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  234. I absolutely love a roasted hot dog, but more often we do s’mores. So delish!

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  237. Marshmallows for sure!

  238. Marshmallows!

  239. S’mores!!!!

  240. I love roasting hot dogs and of course s’mores!

  241. I love roasted corn on the cob. And of course I love s’mores. We like to make them with French cookies where one side is already dipped in rich chocolate.

  242. Marshmallows until they’re ooey gooey and perfect to squish on a S’more!

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  245. Marshmallows!

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  248. I love roasting tomatoes!!

  249. definitely s’mores!

  250. smores yum ;)

  251. I’m a meat and potatoes kind of gal so my favorite thing to roast might be considered things, a kabob made up of chunks of steak, new potatoes from the garden and chunks of onions in an alternating order.

    Love your patriotic display idea for somes

  252. Marshmallows!!!

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  254. Marshmallows for me :O)

  255. I like hot dogs over fire!! sharoo1975@yahoo.com

  256. Marshmallows for smores!

  257. Definitely marshmallows!

  258. Monkey bread!- chocolate chips, bananas, and biscuits in foil….yum yum!

  259. I love a good roasted hot dog over the fire!

  260. Instagram follower.

  261. Red hot dogs, its not summer til I cook one until it splits!

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  263. Love roasting marshmallows for s’mores!

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  265. Love those golden brown marshmallows!

  266. Love fire-roasted veggies in a wire basket — especially bell peppers and summer squashes. I already follow you, but I will add the others.

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  271. We love grilled anything, but you just can’t beat a hotdog cooked on the fire.

  272. Any kind of stone fruit!

  273. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I love roasted asparagus!

    I am also following you on FB and Avant Gardner too!

  274. Love warm and gooey marshmallows or a good hot dog!

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  279. I actually love S’mores.

  280. I like to roast all beef hot dogs!

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  283. HOT DOGS! Then MARSHMALLOWS!! But haven’t done either for the longest time, so might also enjoy trying other things once I got going.

  284. Marshmallows!!!!!!!

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  287. I love to roast marshmallows on the fire!

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  293. I love the taste of fire roasted Hot dogs there nothing like it in the world

  294. Nothing beats a marshmallow in my opinion!

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  296. i know its not very creative… but its smores.

  297. i follow you by email

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  299. Marshmallows, of course!

  300. Marshmellows for S’mores…hands down. : )

  301. Marshmallows!

  302. I love marshmallows roasted over a fire!

  303. I love warm ooey, gooey marshmallows. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

  304. I read your blog through email.

  305. I think marshmallows for smores is the best thing to cook on a fire! Warm melted goodness…nothing better!

  306. Marshmallows! Thanks for this giveaway

  307. It’s gotta be marshmallows… We even do them inside in our fireplace! Such great memories from childhood.

  308. I follow you on Pinterest.

  309. Hands down fave food to roast has to be hobo pies!

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  316. I like to roast veggies over a fire

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  324. My daughter makes homemade marshmallows! I’d love to try this with those!

  325. Definitely marshmallows! Hot dogs are a close second.

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  328. Love me some s’mores!

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