4th of July Party Drinks Display

Just in time for a summer party holiday, this 4th of July Party Drinks Display is a fun way to set out the beverages, in a patriotic setting!

4th of July Party Drinks Display

In the next couple of weeks I’ll be sharing some fun 4th of July party ideas, for the season at hand, like this 4th of July Party Drinks Display.

What I love about holidays is that you don’t have to celebrate only on the “day,” but the festivities can begin weeks ahead of time. I will admit though, when a holiday is over, I’m done with the theme. I like to clean up, put the holiday stuff away, and move on to a fresh clean look.

4th of July Party Drinks Display

4th of July Party Drinks Display

This year, I’ll use my Dollar Store mugs with handles and set up a fun drink station with red and white drinks, and fresh blueberries!

How easy is that?

You can serve red and white wine or champagne, a variety of red and white juices or spritzers, or even Kool-Aid or juices for the kids.

4th of July Party Drinks Display

In flag fashion, I’ll line up the drinks in rows.

And add fresh blueberries for guests to munch on in bowls, forming the square (of the flag)  at the upper left corner.

4th of July Party Drinks Display


I’ll add a few ice cubes right before the guests arrive, and a few blueberries for more color.

4th of July Party Drinks Display

I’m a party girl for sure, but I don’t sit home and plan for weeks ahead of time. My inspiration usually comes the day of the party, using what I have.

I’m usually short of time, so a simple, fresh, fun idea works best for me.

4th of July Party Drinks Display

My philosophy about drinks is this: If you have the time, do something fun and creative, but if you run out of time – don’t worry about the drinks! Guests don’t expect a creative display every time, and I’ve often completely run out of time and have found myself pulling wine glasses or drinks from the fridge right as the guests arrive.

There are no rules. Except for making your guests feel welcome, and then having a memorable time with them!

Do you get creative with holidays, or does that part of entertaining stress you out?

Flag Beverage Station
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4th of July Party Drinks Display

Prep Time15 mins
Total Time15 mins


  • White wine champagne, or white grape juice
  • Red punch juice, or red wine
  • Fresh blueberries
  • Ice


  • Fill mug glasses with drinks, alternating the colors, as in stripe form.
  • Place blueberries in a retangular dish (or 2 square) for the “stars.”
  • Right before serving, add ice!
  • ENJOY!

Here’s a fun party drink recipes for the 4th from Recipe Girl: Red, White and Blue drinks, and more ideas from Tidy Mom (4th of July Crafts and Treats). Looking for more treats? Try this Double Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake or Old-Fashioned Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream, or for breakfast, this Raspberry Yogurt Cake!

4th of July Party Drinks Display


9 comments on “4th of July Party Drinks Display”

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  2. I’ve been dying to find these glasses since I saw you post them on IG. I can’t seem to find them :) I’m going to keep looking though because they are so fun!

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  4. Really fun and unique idea! Love :)

  5. Very cute! I used to do displays, but since we moved closer to family it seems every party has 20-30 guests. And I homeschool all four kids, so I have a lot less time to prepare the fun details. Thank goodness for Pinterest – I can keep all these great ideas accessible for when I get a little breathing room!

  6. Such a fun idea, gets your guests into the spirit of the party! Exactly what every Hostess aims for. Pinning this to “Cheers!”

  7. Those mugs are perfect for a backyard bbq party, and what a pretty presentation with the multi-colored drinks. You have creativity oozing from you, my friend!

  8. I want to be creative but our get togethers usually have between 20-30 people, sometimes more and although I love to use my mason jars for things I think it would be to much for that many people. I really need to tone down my parties. LOL! But I do try to decorate the table and use fun plates and such. I will usually take the time to tie the utensils in a coordinating napkin and place them in a cute basket. That little touch adds a lot.
    Now I’m off to go buy some blueberries. *smile*

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