Learning to Listen for Hospitable Moments

Happiness Irises

Sometimes hospitality has nothing to do with people coming in to our homes.

Sometimes it means we take our hospitable spirit with us – wherever that may be.

Having guests over is stressful to many, so they opt to eat out or do other things for people. It doesn’t have to be centered around prepared food; it can be food from your garden, or flowers from your yard, or even something purchased at the Farmer’s Market or local grocery store. It can be centered around comfort, a small gift, or a listening ear.

Hospitality is about making others feel warm and appreciated. It’s really that easy!

It warms my heart to think about how we can take a person who may need a hug or encouragement, and do something meaningful for them.

We can make people happy with our acts of love.

How beautiful is that?

It’s when our hearts are ready and willing.
Baby, the Smith’s are coming for dinner tonight. Sorry I didn’t give you more notice.

It’s rarely perfect but it’s the thought that counts.
Flowers tipped over in the car; you barely had time to put them back together.

You offer a fresh drink, or a hug, and then it leads to more.
Can you stay for dinner?

Hospitality shows that you care.
You see a need, your heart tells you what to do, you listen and you do it.

It’s often very quiet; all you have to do is listen for the opportunity.

What acts of hospitality come easy to you?

14 comments on “Learning to Listen for Hospitable Moments”

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  2. Beautiful post! Thanks for the reminders!

  3. I have a contractor working at the house currently and he brings a lot of help. These are likely guys who currently need work and are here for a day job. I noticed when all the guys were eating lunch one of them had nothing and was just sitting there. Without asking I fired up the grill and just threw some hot dogs on (acting like I was cooking for the family). I brought this guy several of the dogs with all the goodies on it, without asking him, and OMG he ate them so fast you knew he was so hungry. I could tell he was so moved by the gesture…no words were needed. And I disappeared back in the house. It felt good.

  4. Great post!

  5. Sandy, I’ve been following your blog this spring & have been really blessed. I have to confess that I am a reluctant entertainer myself.
    It’s easier for me to have my family over for a meal–the ones we call our kids & “grands”. Maybe because I know they will forgive any dust or forgotten surfaces in need of attn.
    My hubby & I have been missionaries for decades & I have hosted house guests in 4 foreign countries, as well as the 4 states in which we have lived here in the homeland.
    During those early yrs I pulled out all the stops & really loved to delight all the senses of my guests but I think that I set myself such a high standard, w/o realizing it, that now as an older hostess, I am physically suffering the after-effects when I attempt to entertain on the same level.
    I have arthritis in my wrists & thumbs, as well as a bad shoulder. Big pots, big casseroles & big roasters do me in now.
    How to entertain w/the same hospitality & attn. to detail as before; that is what I’m seeking.
    Love all the decorative touches, the lovely photos & the inspirational thoughts you share. Great job!

    • I’m going to write a post about this, Carolyn. I hear about this all the time and I love your honestly. Stay tuned … thanks for being a faithful reader!

  6. Thank you. This is exactly why I subscribed.

  7. How true! Allowing someone to talk…share their hearts without interrupting them or adding to what they are trying to say…simply listen and being an encourager. This is such a gift to give! Thanks Sandy!

  8. This is so true and so wise, Sandy. Sometimes the smallest of gestures can make the most impact in others’ lives.

  9. This is resonates with me – very well.

    Sometimes it(hospitality) just means wearing a SMILE and wearing it well. It shows that “your heart is at home”, that you’re a welcome bit of comfort to all who pass you by.

    Thanks for the reminder – here today.

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