Repurposing Cans for Fiesta Dinner Party Tabletop

Repurposing cans for tabletop

I saw this quote and it made me smile: Never give anybody a fondue set or anything painted avocado green.

Those were the popular colors for home decor when I was a young girl. My parents built a brand new home and the kitchen’s appliances were avocado green; the wallpaper was bright orange, yellow, and green with mushrooms! When I see anything with those colors now, I get warm fuzzy feelings inside.

Happiness. Good memories.

Fiesta Dinner Party

You may remember my Fiesta Party that I held a few weeks back. The weather was so nice and we had a great time. The story behind the cool table is here, but I wanted to tell you more about the Mexican cans that I repurposed for the vases. It was an easy idea, one I’d seen on Pinterest. The dinner plates were … avocado green! Yes!


I love the idea of repurposing and keeping a pantry full of items to use for entertaining tabletops. I had these cans stored in my garage and I went to my friend Jeannie’s house for flowers, because the colors that I was looking for for a Mexican theme weren’t blooming in my yard yet (red, yellow, greens).

Repurposing cans for tabletop


Repurposed cans for fiesta tabletop

Wash out the cans (or in my case, they were already repurposed and already sitting in my outdoor pantry).

Repurposed cans for fiesta tabletop

Fill with your favorite flowers.

Repurposed cans for fiesta tabletop

Grocery store one-dollar candles.

Repurposing cans for tabletop

Scarf from a yard sale.

A touch of burlap.

Repurposed cans for fiesta tabletop

And the table was set!


Here are the rest of the items I used in this setting:

1. Blue water glasses. I borrowed 12 from my friend, Judy, who blogs at From Home to Roam, but I do have 6 of my own from our honeymoon 22 years ago in Mexico!

2. Dollar Tree olive-tinted wine glasses.

3. MacKenzie-Childs chargers.

4. Dollar Tree avocado green dinner plates.

5. Mix-match red and blue cloth napkins.

Fiesta Dinner Party

What’s your favorite way to set a simple fiesta-theme tabletop?

11 comments on “Repurposing Cans for Fiesta Dinner Party Tabletop”

  1. What a colorful and creative outdoor table setting. Thanks for encouraging us to spend time with others with your entertaining tips! I appreciate your helpful tips!!!

  2. Loved this idea when I saw it at Pinterest, too, Sandy! (Easy Fiesta Flower Favors by Lulu the Baker?) We grew up during the same era (gosh, even saying that makes me feel old now!) and, I too have been married for 22 years! It sounds like I’m talking about how long my mother has been married. I remember other people’s houses had avocado green interiors, right down to their telephones. But, my mother bucked all the trends and went with a Spanish theme with red and black! Grew up with a red and black kitchen with a red fridge she special ordered. Thanks for sharing and happy first day of summer! xo

  3. We just bought our first home and are renovating it because there was avocado green and mustard green EVERYWHERE! One of the bathrooms has all avocado green toilet, sinks, shower and the other bathroom was/is all mustard yellow! Even the carpets were based off of that color scheme! Check out the before pictures:

  4. Gorgeous setup, Sandy. And I’m always looking for unique vases for pretty flowers. :)

  5. How clever!! I used to have a fun red plate that looked fiesta-ish, but I tired of it and sold it. So at present, I have just let the colorful foods take center stage. I did make a table runner for a birthday party that I think has those bright, fun Mexican colors that I can use, too.

  6. “I love the idea of repurposing and keeping a pantry full of items to use for entertaining tabletops.”

    ME TOO!

    Loved this. Great idea.

  7. Really eclectic looking any gorgeous!

  8. I love using rustic stuff like cans for flowers…cute for carrying through the mexican theme! Before my parents redid their house we had orange carpet, white leather couches, yellow kitchen chairs….oh the 70’s.

  9. Such a cute idea! I love keeping old coffee cans around for decorating. The colors are so retro and fun!

  10. Awesome idea! Such a beautiful table-setting!

  11. Love love love this! I love how you use the simplest, most inexpensive things and combine them to look beautiful– then share EXACTLY how to do it! Thanks bunches Sandy!

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