My Messy Kitchen & NEW GE 120 v Hybrid Stainless Steel Dishwasher!

Yesterday was a kitchen day for me! Which means as a food blogger, your kitchen could possibly be disastrous by the end of the night. :) Recipes are organized, ingredients laid out, camera’s ready, laptop on the kitchen counter, dishes stacked up, pots and pans in the sink, iPhone ready for Instagram shots – it’s quite the process.

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I know, it’s rare to see a blogger post her messy kitchen, but I have no shame. Ha Ha. I’m just keeping it real here on RE. There’s a lot of time, work, and cleanup involved in pulling so many recipes together! And for me–add in the entertaining element (lots of dishes and stemware)–I’m constantly doing dishes or running my dishwasher.

By the end of the night, whether entertaining OR making new recipes, I’ll be honest here … sometimes I’m pooped! And the last thing I want to do is clean up!

Enter our brand new GE 120 v Hybrid Stainless Steel Dishwasher.

GE delivered and installed a new dishwasher in our home a few weeks ago, after a cry for help during the holidays when my old dishwasher died. I did have it repaired during the holidays (no other choice), and prayed that it would “hang on” until the new one arrived. :)

I love the look. It’s a traditional style that is clean, straight forward, attractive, with hidden controls. It’s lovely!

I’m happy to say that I have now have TOTAL confidence in spotless clean dishes!

Features of the GE 120 v Hybrid Stainless Steel Dishwasher:

Stainless steel: The inside has hybrid stainless steel (inner door and tub)
Lots of power: There’s 65% more wash power than GE’s older models.
The way it cleans: The dishwasher cleans from the top to the bottom with 3 pressurized wash arms.
Not always a full load: You don’t have to wait for a full load, you can run half load in the upper or lower and save energy!
Steam prewash: Tough stains are loosened before any cycle.
AutoSense cycle: It automatically adjusts to soil level to maximize energy (savings) and will ensure clean dishes.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the Steam Prewash feature. With all the cooking I did yesterday, like I said, I had TOTAL confidence my dishes were going to be nice and clean! And I didn’t have to soak or pre-rinse the dishes like I’ve had to do in the past. What a great feature!

The outcome of my messy kitchen experience last night was that our family enjoyed a delicious Irish meal (I’ll be sharing the recipe here on RE very soon), with a fabulous Bacon Wrapped Apricots with Honey & Rosemary appetizer, another tasty recipe to take with you when invited out, or to make for your guests (recipe also coming soon!).

So here’s to my MESSY kitchen, our new GE Dishwasher, and a spotless kitchen when I woke up this morning! (top photo)

Clean just feels good.

How’s your dishwasher working for you? Do you have confidence that it will really clean the dishes to meet your standards?

For more information, and a chance to “zoom in” and really see the features, visit GE, HERE. GE Appliances has provided me with this appliance. However, as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own.

17 comments on “My Messy Kitchen & NEW GE 120 v Hybrid Stainless Steel Dishwasher!”

  1. Gorgeous dishwasher! We just did some spring cleaning in the kitchen, and it’s been so nice. It’s like a reawakening of my creative desire to be in there.

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  3. It’s nice to know you’re kitchen looks like that, too! Beautiful dishwasher from GE, yay! We just got a new dw a couple months ago, wow, what a difference it makes from our last one. I no longer need to pre-wash (in the sink) my dishes! :)

  4. Our kitchen always looks like a bomb went off. My present for Christmas from my little brother was a sign, “Sexy women have messy kitchens”. Hahaha, looks like I need to look into that right :D LOVE your fab new dishwasher darlin’. I know you’ll put her to good use.

  5. What a wonderful gift! I dream of the day we can get a top of the line dish washer (sad that’s what I dream about nowadays;)
    P.S. your pistachio crusted salmon looks fantastical! Oh, just started following you on Instagram, I’m a newbie.

  6. I am so very messy in the kitchen and that is one beautiful dishwasher!

  7. Mine totally looks like this from time to time. Depending on the meal or the event, I might try to keep up with it a little as I go but it’s so hard to do!

  8. What an amazing dishwasher! And my kitchen looks like that on a daily basis. The counters are almost always cluttered because there’s so much going on.

  9. omg, I’m totally with you- I have the worst dishwasher ever. It cleans nothing. I practically have to wash the dishes before I load them in the dishwasher. A great product that actually did the job would be fabulous! And having two dishwashers in the same kitchen is a “someday” dream of mine!!!!

    • I have room for a 2nd d/w down the road. Being confident in how your dishes come out is so important. Otherwise it just makes you feel like you’re wasting energy!

  10. I love that “keeping it real” shot. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who can let the kitchen get messy. I mean, don’t you think that’s where true brilliance lies…somewhere in the mess??!!

  11. Its always super fun getting new appliances! The next one I get will be a new refrigerator. I can not wait for the day when I get to go pick it out.

  12. Well, we got a dishwasher with this house that turns out to be a little finicky despite its relatively young age. We have thought about replacing it, but with the sequester, we’ll probably be moving in a year or so, so I suppose we’ll have it repaired.

  13. We need to replace ours desperately. It sounds like a train coming through the room.

    How much do you hear when your neww GE dishwasher is running?

  14. Thanks for keeping it real! Happy for your new dishwasher—nothing better than tools/appliances that work correctly and wonderfully—it’s the little things!

  15. Niiiice! I can’t wait for new appliances!

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