Just coming off of Spring Break, and having our son home from college, we had a quality time of “Face-Time” as a family. We went on a little get-a-way to the high desert, where we ate good food (always!) and watched movies and the guys fly-fished. We relaxed and sat together and we even played our beloved family (obnoxious, yet fun) game of “Pit.”

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My friend, Adelle, who has small children, recently wrote about her experience of getting enough family “face-time” …

We set aside the rest of the day. We planned to make dinner together as a family (tacos). We shopped for what we needed. We delegated jobs that the boys could do themselves (opening and heating a can of chili beans, setting the table, filling the drinks). And we sat together, made our tacos together, and we enjoyed some real face time. It wasn’t perfect. Taco filling was all over the dining room floor. There was still a lot of bickering over who got to do what.

But we were together, and we made a point to be together. That’s what was important. – Adelle, Ready … Go … Get Set blog

I’m thankful with teens now, that the bickering doesn’t take place. All those years of parenting and having to “work hard” to combat the sibling rivalry has paid off. The kids are growing up and it shows in the way they treat each other and … love each other.

But it still takes effort and work to get that family face-time in.

Do ever get that feeling in your gut that you “need” your family together?

What’s your favorite game to play as a family?