In a Hurry Heath Brownies and Walnuts

Mm-m-m … chocolate and Heath candy. Mix the two together and it’s a great dessert to take to a party.

Sometimes our family gets invited out spur-of-the-moment, or I’m working or already have plans for the day and I don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen on a family meal.

I call these my “In a hurry brownies.”

Take a high-end brownie mix and use the “cake-like” recipe off the back. (Which usually means add 3 eggs instead of 2.)

Add 1/2 package of Heath English Toffee Bits.

Sprinkle walnuts on top.

Bake, serve warm with Vanilla ice cream.

You can even drizzle chocolate sauce on top with whipped cream if you really want to make it fancy (and add the calories). :)

What do you take when you need a last minute dessert for a party to feed a crowd?

6 comments on “In a Hurry Heath Brownies and Walnuts”

  1. Usually I take guacamole and chips – it feed a crowd, is quick to make and goes fast. My friends know it’s coming and look forward to it (or so they say – lol).

    Love the idea of dressing up a box mix – have you tried “dream brownies” made with coconut, walnuts and chocolate chips mixed with evaporated milk and poured over the brownie mix before going into the oven. Delicious beyond belief.

    Happy Friday

  2. Yummmm! You started my day with a craving for chocolate. Thanks a lot! ;) Those look delicious!

  3. Brownies would be my go to, last minute choice as well. They are the one thing I always make from a mix; I’ve never had much success cooking brownies from scratch (and I like to bake/cook).

    I put together a hot chocolate bar for a cookie exchange at Christmas. Heath Toffee Bits were an option as an add-in. I’ve never tried them in brownies, but now I’m inspired. Thanks!

  4. I take a brownie trifle. I like to keep brownies baked up and in the freezer. The only thing to make is chocolate pudding. It is the first dessert to go!

  5. Yummy- trying this out on my family.

  6. This is off subject, Sandy, but the apron I won from The Hip Hostess arrived today. It’s simply wonderful! Can’t wait to use it.

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