Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses

Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses, is a DIY project created by taking a favorite quote, saying, or prayer, and stenciling it on a wall. The words scripted out in black vinyl ink, stretched across one wall in my dining room, remind me of my heritage and give me a sense of gratitude.

Vinyl Written Words

Last month I received a very special Christmas gift from my sister, Di, one that I’m reminded of daily because it’s in my dining room, in black letters, up high on the wall. And the cool thing is, the 3 of us girls have the same vinyl words on our dining walls.

The roots of who we are

When we examine our families, we’re likely to find the roots of who we are.

Filling our homes with visual delights, or something that sparks a memory, and noticing the way the light casts a shadow or illuminates this brings on a warm feeling in our body and mind. It’s a beautiful thing that brings more joy to our day.

Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses

The family prayer on my Dad’s side of the family, one we sing every time we are together, is scripted out in black vinyl ink, stretched across one wall in my home.

The words remind me of my grandparents and family. I’m not sure where this song/prayer originated from, except I grew up singing it with my Dad’s family, and later my Mom’s family incorporated it into large group prayers.

One of my early memories of this song was at a family reunion in Turner, Oregon, where my Grandfather and his large extended family (the ones who were still living; he had 20 brothers and sisters–yes, 2 mothers) gathered together for a weekend of celebration.

Before each meal, we’d sing the Friesen prayer.

God is great and God is good, And we thank Him for our food …

Hundreds of family members gathered. I was young; I probably only intimately knew a handful of cousins, but the experience was impacting and binding.

My dining space before I added the vinyl wording.

DIY Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses

My niece, Lisa, the creation behind the project.

Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses DIY

The final “Amen.”

How to DIY Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses

The finished product.

Finished Vinyl Written Words to Capture the Senses

When we examine our families, we find the roots of who we are.

And those roots anchor our kids.

And their kids.

And their kids’ kids.

Written words can capture the senses, and they give us a feeling of belonging.

Do you have anything in your home that, as you walk by a certain room or space, reminds you of family?

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  2. what a lovely way to remind yourself of your family, and I love that your sisters all have one in your dining rooms! you guys are adorable!

  3. Love this idea! That is the same prayer I was taught as a child. We said it at every family meal and large gathering. My girls learned one at preschool that became a tradition for them as well.

  4. My Mother’s family is also from Turner, Oregon. She was a Metcalfe. She met my Dad, a Georgia boy, in Salem during World War II. Who can resist a man in military uniform?

    Love your post because I certainly am a “reluctant entertainer.”

  5. Hi Sandy,

    What a lovely craft! And tied to a family memory makes it extra special!

    Your niece’s site is lovely as are her designs. The hats are adorable!!!

    In our home, we have a number of things that are very special to us reminding of us of our extended family. For me, personally, there are two special things…one is a Capodimonte porcelain box that belonged to my paternal Grandmother (who passed away before I was born – so the box makes me feel that I have a connection with her)…and second is a ladies handkerchief embroidered with Texas Bluebonnets that my Mom gave to me to wear in the breast pocket of my wedding dress jacket. She gave it to me as my “something blue”…and also because I was marrying a Texan! I thought that was so sweet and it always brings a smile to my face every time I see it.

    Have a great week.



  6. We live in the house my husband grew up in. Every year we host all his family for a Christmas gathering. The very doors, windows and walls are reminders of many years of living, loving, and laughing (with some tears mixed in, too).

  7. I have used a company’s product to do this; my neighbor is a sales rep for one of them. I got the requisite ‘bon appetit’ above my kitchen bay window but the one I love the most? The custom one I had done for my family room. ‘Italian Proverb: Old wine and friends improve with age.’

    I love the saying and I love how it looks…it does fill up some space on a tall wall of mine that I painted merlot with the letters in in a coppery/gold hue. Was fun to see you and your sisters do something to connect you like this. My girls decided to get tattoos with their half sisters. Oh how I wish they were vinyl letters!

  8. we’re looking to do something similar in our dining room – just need to pick a prayer!

  9. Love this idea! I’m all about words on our walls to remind us of truth…We have three or four places in our newly re-modeled home that we’d love sayings or verses, but just can’t decide on what. What company did you guys use to get your custom saying?

  10. This is lovely, Sandy. In our living room, there is a framed postcard of the ship on which my in-laws came to Canada. It’s a reminder of our roots and the sacrifices our family made to build a life for us here.

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