For delicious herbs, try this DIY Herb Trough Garden: Easy & Accessible for your next outdoor project. Grow your own herbs right outside your kitchen door!

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Friends, I realized as I went out to my herb trough to get fresh basil for my Strawberry Bruschetta that I never shared my Mother’s Day gift that I received this year.

When my family asked me what I wanted, along with love, hugs, breakfast, lunch, dinner, foot rubs, chores done, peace and quiet (I don’t ask for much, do I?) I asked for a trough garden to plant my herbs in.

So we went to the local Grange and purchased a brand new animal water trough.

Herb Trough Garden: Easy & Accessible!

In fact, they were all sold out of the size that we wanted, so we had to remove the baby chicks from the one we bought. We brought it home and found the perfect location (right off of our back patio).

We love to recycle and use what we have, so we took the kids’ old trampoline and stuffed it down to the bottom.

Filled the top with enriched soil.

Planted our favorite herbs.

My gift for today is having fresh garden herbs right outside our back kitchen door.

What a perfect idea for anyone, really, if you live in the city or in the country, to have herbs easily accessible.

Right now as our tomatoes are coming on, and the basil is so plentiful, I’m starting to crave Insalata Caprese Salad, (Mozzarella, Tomato & Fresh Basil).

If you grow herbs, would you share the way that you grow them?

Herb Trough Garden: Easy & Accessible!