Wood and Linen Tablescape

What’s an important tidbit you think everyone should know about entertaining? Mine is that it takes courage to entertain!

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Sometimes we have to face our fears about our surroundings, capability, culinary skills, etc. and just make it happen!

I love this quote: “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway”. — John Wayne

Today I’m sharing an easy idea that my friends Heidi and Maria put together for a recent mini retreat. It’s the perfect setting for a Thanksgiving or holiday table, especially if you are hosting a large group and need to use more than one table! (The gals setting the table: Heidi, Maria, Dara, Gina, and Amanda .)

Wood and Linen Tabletop

How many times do we stress about the number of people coming to our home, how we’re going to fit them around the table, do we have linens that match, how do we keep everyone together (to keep the conversation going for hours) … the list of questions go on and on.

Then we get stressed. And then it really takes away our joy of entertaining!

Brilliant idea: Push two tables together to make one giant table.

Holiday Wood and Linen Tabletop

One side, the natural wood, the other side a beautiful white linen tablecloth.

Heidi used flowers from Whole Foods and cut down branches for the beautiful tabletop.

Wood and Linen Tabletop

And of course candles make the ambience perfect and cozy for everyone who’s gathered.

Wood and Linen Tabletop

My favorite herb: Rosemary.

Tie a twig around the napkin and silverware.

Wood and Linen Table Setting/BBR

Rosemary is the symbol of friendship!

Wood and Linen Tablescape

I’d like to encourage you today (as John Wayne would say, Saddle up, my friends!), to think outside of the box for your Thanksgiving or holiday table this year, and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

Remember, it does not have to be perfect. It can be unique, different, a little less-traditional than normal.

Just make it beautiful. Make it you. Make it something your guests will enjoy.

Wood and Linen Tablescape

I like to be reminded of what’s most important around our holiday table.

What kind of conversation will take place? Words of encouragement, courage, and love?

That’s the goal for my entertaining this year. And may it be yours as well.

Have you thought ahead to your holiday table? What do you think about the natural wood/linen table side-by-side?

(Photo cred for top and bottom photos: Heidi.)