Homegrown Strawberries with Matez’ Tortas de Aceite

Strawberries with Matez' Tortas de Aceite | Reluctant Entertainer

All you need is love. All you need is love. All you need is love, love. Love is all you need.

I’d like the change the words to this Beatles song to … all you need is cheese, crackers. Fruit is all you need. :)

Some people are so good and creative at making killer appetizers, but I find the easiest appetizer to put in front of your guests when you’re in a pinch is cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit! And a little fig jam, if you have it.

First strawberry of year | Reluctant Entertainer

In our backyard, our strawberries are finally coming on strong right now! It’s going to be hard to keep up with what our beds produce, so the next few weeks we’ll be enjoying pies, tarts, eating them for breakfast with Greek yogurt, smoothies, … you name it, there’s nothing like enjoying a good homegrown strawberry for any course of the meal!

The color, flavors, and passion for berries started for me as a little girl in Oregon, when my mom would bring flats home and we’d make fresh strawberry jam! I’ve posted about Mom’s easy method, here – How to Flip and Seal the Jars, but another way to enjoy them, especially with your guests, is to serve them in an easy appetizer.

Strawberries and Matez' Tortas de Aceite | Reluctant Entertainer

Appetizers are sometimes the last thing I think about when we are entertaining, I guess because if no one is bringing them, I know they are easy to put together. Last minute.

Cheese, crackers, and fresh fruit!

Easy appetizers | Reluctant Entertainer

Goat cheese, fresh strawberries from the garden, fig jam, and Matez’ Tortas de Aceite (which are a traditional Spanish crisp bread made with 24% Spanish olive oil. They are produced entirely by hand – each torta with its own distinctive hand-patted shape.)

Matez' Tortas de Aceite | Reluctant Entertainer

I have to say, not a drop was left on the platter as we transitioned over to our outdoor dining area.

I’ll leave you with few thoughts about appetizers. I love appetizers because it’s what your guests first partake in–often coming in from the weary world of work, family, problems … life– usually served with a glass of wine. It’s the course when your guest sit back with a sigh of relief, knowing that it’s now time to relax, unwind, let our hair down, and get to know each other.

Appetizers are the start of listening, staying, and connecting.

And they don’t always have to be fancy.

What are your favorite 3-4 ingredients to serve for a last-minute appetizer?

If you’re looking for more platter appetizer ideas, I wrote this post at Answers.com How to Make a Knockout Appetizer Platter, excellent for large-group parties!

12 comments on “Homegrown Strawberries with Matez’ Tortas de Aceite”

  1. Strawberries are just coming out in my garden (we had a cold and rainy spring so far…) and they taste really good! I’ve never thought about them as appetizers, thanks for the lovely idea!

  2. Simple, fresh appetizers are always the best! :)

  3. That’s my favorite meal! I always say I should have been French. Just give me bread, brie, and fruit. I am so excited that we are getting to grow Blackberries right now. Love that a little piece of Southern Oregon is with us in Arizona.

  4. I love appetizers, too! Sometimes we’ll have a meal of appetizers instead of a traditional meal…so fun and casual. I recently made a strawberry bruschetta, which would be perfect with your fresh strawberries! http://goodbadquirky.blogspot.com/2013/04/sweet-and-savory-strawberries.html

  5. Where can you find the olive oil crisp bread?

  6. So excited for the upcoming strawberry season recipes, soon ours will be coming up too!

  7. Cheese plate!

  8. Salad scrimp on top of cream cheese all smothered with cocktail sauce. (Home ground horseradish mixed with Ketchup works in place of cocktail sauce.)

  9. Simply lovely and delicious, Sandy!!! Love strawberries (especially homegrown) as part of an appetizer, in salads, smoothies…everything!!!

  10. Pepper jelly over goat cheese or cream cheese, chips and homemade salsa!

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