Circle of Grace with Fried Eggs in Pepper Rings

Family at Cape Blanco State Park

This past weekend was so wonderful, in so many ways. We were able to spend Friday night with dear friends, and when we got back to our house – the boys were home from college.

Can anything be more joyful? Happy sons who love coming home. We are blessed! Hugs, kisses, finding the pets, jumping in the pool, checking out what’s cooking on the stove

Boys and Mama Coughlin

Today, as I think back to this past weekend, I’m thankful for the women in my life who’ve mothered me these past 16 years.

Each has given me such a variety of experiences and knowledge that has worked together to help me parent my 3 children. We do learn from one another. I continue to learn. This act of mothering is sacred work, a job I cannot take lightly.

For me, it’s about grace. A daily lesson learned as a mother that when I fail, because things will never be perfect, I try again. I start the day by finding this grace in my quiet time. My friends help me see this, too, because those of us with kids are all in this motherhood journey together – no matter our ages.

Saturday was a new day. I love the freshness of a new day.

Our family went on an adventure to the Oregon coast with another family, but first, inspired by a beautiful picture I saw in Rachael Ray’s recent magazine, I whipped up a yummy breakfast for the family.

It’s one of the prettiest way to cook eggs or to serve to your guests! I think this will be a new summer favorite of mine.

Fried Eggs in Pepper Rings | Reluctant Entertainer

Eggs in Pepper Rings
2 large peppers
10-12 eggs
Salt and pepper

Take a couple of large bell peppers, cutting horizontally and removing any seeds, and place the rings on a hot grill.

I used pasteurized organic butter and lightly sautéed one side first, then flipped each ring over, cracking an egg in each center.

Fried Eggs in Pepper Rings |

Fry the egg ring (over medium-low heat). Lightly salt and pepper.

You can cook on one side for about 5-8 minutes, or like I did, flip it over for a couple of minutes.

We served it with some homemade potatoes and tofu sausage.

Fried Eggs in Pepper Rings | Reluctant Entertainer

Nice and healthy! A great way to start off the day.

Our journey on Saturday took us to Cape Blanco State Park. It was a stunning day.

Cape Blanco State Park

A great way to spend time with the family.

Oregon really is one of the prettiest states, and here you can see why!

Cape Blanco State Park

I spent the day with a mom who is one of the best moms I know. The love she has for her kids, grandkids, and people in her life gushes from her. It’s so inspiring and real, it’s almost tangible.

I say almost, because it’s then my job to take what I’ve learned from her, and to apply it to my life.

It’s a circle of grace.

Beautiful and free.

What touched you the most about Mother’s Day weekend?

7 comments on “Circle of Grace with Fried Eggs in Pepper Rings”

  1. I love entertaining and have recently found your blog…it’s such a beautiful and gracious gift! I’ve really been enjoying reading through your archives!

    My Mother’s Day was lovely…normal and special all at the same time, which is a pretty great combination!

    My husband and I went to Portland a few years ago and spent a day on the coast. That day was my favorite; it is SO beautiful.

  2. love that pic of you with your boys!!

  3. I was just so touched by the way my mom and mother-in-law reached out and loved on me. They know what it’s like to be a mom to a little one! So fun and so stressful!

  4. Such a great post, glad you had a wonderful weekend. Especially love those eggs in peppers!

  5. Glad you had a happy Mother’s Day! Love the picture with you and your boys!

  6. We had a balanced day, and I celebrate that. It’s taken my mom and me ages to learn to balance time and quality. So, she celebrated in another state with her mother on Sunday. I couldn’t be there, so we (brother, dad, me, etc.) took her out to a steak dinner Monday evening. It was perfect to just relax and have multiple days to pull it all off. Some day, she’ll be the head matriarch and get prime Sunday real estate. :) But for now, we are liking having Nana still with us and the ability to choose a celebration itinerary that works for all of us.

    Love your site, Sandy. Thanks for sharing your own balance and perspective here!

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