Honey Makes Cheese Appetizers More Tantalizing

The other night our friends came for dinner.

But here’s a different spin on how I was less involved as the hostess!

Our friends brought the main course, and cooked it in our kitchen. How fun is that? I didn’t know what they were bringing, but I just made sure that my kitchen was clean and pans were out and ready.

Was it going to be lasagna?
Steak or pork to grill?
Chicken to go into the oven?

No, it was lamb chops, an amazing mashed cauliflower, and out-of-this-world salad with organic greens and fresh veggies. A truly amazing meal.

And I made the appetizer.

Since my daughter had just had surgery, and I was busy taking care of her, I went to an old standby for an appetizer.

Mozzarella stuffed cheese log wrapped in prosciutto (you can buy these logs at Costco), baked flatbread, and my favorite … a big hunk of fresh basil from our herb garden, off to the side.

By the way, I love to serve basil this way.

How fresh and fun to tear off your own “leaf” and add on top of each bite!?

So, what made this cheese appetizer so tasty?

A delightful drizzle of sweet honey.

It completes any appetizer with cheese, almost every time.

Have you ever had friends bring dinner and cook in your kitchen for you?

9 comments on “Honey Makes Cheese Appetizers More Tantalizing”

  1. Love honey with prosciutto! We haven’t had them bring dinner and cook for us but we have done potluck/ split the meals :D

  2. We are blessed with friends who sometimes drop by for lunch and bring all the “fixins”. One time our friend, Gracie, brought a beautiful side of salmon and a fresh salad. Our friend, Carol showed up with hugh fish sandwiches and Julie and her children sometimes bring my husband and I his favorite Chinese dishes. Our son, Jeff has popped in with pizza from a parlor that is no longer in the area. Dee and her hubby have come by with soup and sandwiches…what a treat all these visits are!
    I like to serve those cheese rolls also. I always keep 2-3 different cheeses on hand to serve with crackers and fig preserves, so easy to serve and delicious!

  3. Sandy can you tell me about the “baked” flatbread? Do you buy it or make It? If purchased what brand do you purchase and do you embellish it on any way at home?

  4. Sandy, I had just done that with basil. Tomatoes and mozzarella with a big pile of fresh basil- so easy and pretty! I love the idea of drizzling the cheese with honey!

  5. I have never seen these logs at Costco…now I have to find them! Hope your daughter is doing well.

  6. Hi Sandy, I have not done this but I am glad your friends took care of you while you took care of your daughter. I hope she is recovering well.

  7. Sandy, It all looks delicious! Thanks for the ideas. My husband and I love to make little snacks out of pretzel thins, plain or everything pretzel thins, and then hummus, a little avacado, and a basil leaf. It tastes delicious, and our kids love it! Its fun creating different ideas with spreads,veggies, etc. Hope you had a Happy 4th of July!

  8. This looks so good. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Hi Sandy – not dinner. But the last time my BFFs were here for the weekend, they each brought breakfast. It was such a relief to sit back and not worry about feeding 8 people every meal the entire weekend.

    Love the honey idea. I like to put some cheese out with some walnut halves drizzled with honey.

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