For many people, the heavy responsibilities of home and family and earning a living absorb all their time and strength. Yet such a home–where love is–may be a light shining in a dark place, a silent witness to the reality and the love of God.
Olive Wyon

My home is not perfect, it’s rarely spotless, and it’s very well lived in.

I believe so many of us fear having others over because of the state of our home.

Today I want to share and highlight some great posts that talk about decluttering. I mean, who doesn’t have this problem? I know I have many irons in the fire with my blog, work, 3 teens, helping my husband with his non-profit.

It’s really hard for me to stay up on the paperwork alone! And to be honest, sometimes it affects my ability to relax …

Melissa shares about starting 5 new daily habits, and also gives us a chance to WIN $500 from The Inspired Room (you have until midnight tonight to enter).

“When my home gets cluttered and out of control, I feel personally out of sorts and out of control. The state of my home really affects my emotional well being and my productivity.” -Melissa

10 Ways to Declutter your House, from Making This Home.

“The less you need, the freer you become.” – Katie

Simple Steps to Declutter your Home from Passionate Homemaking.

“If it can stay in boxes for several months, is it really needed?” – Lindsay

Organizing with Purpose from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

“An uncluttered space creates an environment where we can learn and explore.” -Kelly

This is an interesting perspective. I like it!

Don’t Declutter from My Simpler Life.

“I have been seeing a lot of people sacrifice time to take care of themselves for decluttering time.” – Beth

Beth asks a good question … thought provoking, for sure!

Do you feel you need to complete everything before relaxing? Do you feel clutter makes it impossible to relax in your own home?