I live in the Pacific Northwest where we’ve had a record-setting spring and summer so far … very mild with plenty of rain.

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Mild is perfect for summer entertaining.

We don’t deal with the heat as much as the mid-west and south, but I will say we do, and eventually will have, 100+ days!

A reader recently wrote:
The thing that stresses me out with summer cooking is the heat! I am always worried about food spoiling!

Here’s what I learned to do years ago, on this very hot holiday when we entertained …

How to beat the heat and not let the food spoil:

1. BUFFET STYLE: Clear a bar, sideboard, or dining table INSIDE the house on which to serve your 4th of July feast.
BENEFIT: No bugs and you don’t have to worry about the food spoiling.

2. TABLES: Use Dollar Store tablecloths on tables and mix-match chairs in your back yard, patio, or front porch area.
BENEFIT: Use what you have without stressing over everything having to be perfect.

3. DRINKS: Fill an old cooler with ice and store drinks in a covered area.
BENEFIT: Keeps the company outside and not having to keep running inside for drinks.

4. FOOD: After the company is served, even if food was served inside, cover all and put away.
BENEFIT: No spoilage. For a long event, any leftovers could be gotten out again later.

My friend had a great idea to appoint a friend or child or relative to help you be mindful of the food (and bugs, spoilage, etc). I like that – a food watcher! (I’d be snitching constantly). :)

And for the warmer climates (than Oregon) I’d say avoid foods that spoil easily and stick with frozen desserts that are perfect for summer!!!

If you happen to make my homemade ice cream (recipe in my book!) make sure and remove the paddle right away, and then you can let the ice cream sit on the ice until it’s time to serve!

Homemade ice cream is so perfect for the 4th of July!

How do you deal with the heat and food being left out too long for holiday celebrations?

Happy July everyone! I want to thank my top 3 referral friends who sent their readers over to RE in June:
The Nester

Here are some great 4th of July recipes ideas that many of my friends have posted on their blogs. Amy lists them, HERE.