Easy Ways to Set the Mood with Red, White and Blue

I love how joyfully Independence Day is celebrated in America. As we celebrate our freedom, we also get to flaunt our pride with vivid red, white and blue colors!

If you’re entertaining on July 4th, it will probably involve a barbecue at home, a picnic at the fireworks, or possibly a small dinner party.

By this time in the summer season, it only seems natural to bring the fun outside by setting a patriotic table or serving area for your guests.

Setting the Mood with Red, White and Blue

Remember that simple, fresh food can really add to your table, even if you can’t afford stylish accessories.

-A large bowl of layered blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream.
-Insalata Caprese Salad (Mozzarella, tomato and basil) served on a white or blue serving plate.
-Red pepper slices served with blue cheese dip, on a dark blue platter.
-Blue tortilla chips with red salsa.
-Blue Jell-O with raspberries or strawberries layered, topped with whipped cream.
-Star shaped cookies with white frosting, sprinkled with red and blue sugars.
-Pies with star-shaped dough pieces baked on top.
-Fill small half-pint canning jars with red flowers.
-Add or piece flags together for table runners.
-Buy small flags at the Dollar Store for backyard potted plants.

Adding a splash of color to your entertaining area and also to the food brings a festive mood without any extra effort.

How will you be decorating your table or entertaining space this holiday weekend?

6 comments on “Easy Ways to Set the Mood with Red, White and Blue”

  1. Happy July 4th….looks like you had the theme going! A day to be thankful for your country.

  2. I hosted a BBQ this weekend as well. We used the red serving pieces we already had and used red and white carnations broken into smaller bunches and spread them throughout the space. Put a few mini flags we had on hand in a few and were able to use the leftover red and blue plates and napkins from my son’s birthday party. It was a nice evening and the kids loved the water balloons! I used your 2nd to last post about keeping the kids entertained as my inspiration. Filled a red wagon with water balloons, frisbees, jump ropes, paper, crayons and the kids entertained themselves.

  3. I love the red daisies. Perfect. I am not setting my table this weekend, we are blessed to enjoy the holiday at friends. But if I were flowers are always the way I add a little color to my table.

  4. I am so reminded by your summer series, to use what I already have! Soo I pulled out some solid red, blue, and white dishes and serving pieces for the food. I also added in some sunflowers that were clearance at the market, I cut them down and put in some little jars (from leftover marinated artichokes), I tied some red, white, and blue ribbon around the jars, and it looks great! Thanks for all your inspiration!!!!!!

  5. No 4th of July entertaining in my home this weekend. We rented a pontoon boat with friends and it broke down and we had to get towed back to shore. Just like Vicki V. we kept visiting and having fun. I love her idea of how spider mums are like fireworks. Nice!

  6. We had a BBQ last night. I used mini-flags and spider mums (which look kinda like fireworks) for table decor. Also had red & white checked tablecloths and red plates with flag-themed napkins. Cheap and effective.

    About 20 people came to our house (in Texas–triple-digit heat). I thought of “Reluctant Entertainer” around 4:30 pm when the upstairs A/C went out. Didn’t panic too much since the party was downstairs. All was pretty good until about 8 pm when we realized it was getting pretty hot inside. The downstairs A/C went out, too! We just carried on. Most of the guests sweated it out with us! And one of them knew an A/C guy who came to fix the 2 units at 9:30 pm so that we could have a cool weekend! :)

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