Family Get-Together When Everyone Pitches In

I love how food begins conversations and creates energy. The buzz that happens around food can be so exciting, and people just seem happier!

That’s exactly what happened this past weekend as I hosted my sisters for a lovely summer evening meal. We had a really fun time!

Get-togethers take the “formal” out of a dinner-party, because they are casual and everyone pitches in and there is a more relaxed feeling.

We brought dinner out near the garden where we had the table set to enjoy our time together–sisters and spouse–and the kids were on their own.

The best part of the meal (besides the delicious steak my husband barbecued) was that my sisters brought me a blueberry and a chocolate birthday pie.

There’s a sense of shared experience–whether a birthday, a celebration, or just getting together for fun–of discovery and excitement when we come together.

It does seem easier sometimes when you entertaining family. Or maybe it’s just that my sisters and I work really well together in the kitchen.

Either way, there’s way less stress and anxiety for the hosts when everyone pitches in.

Do you find it easier to entertain family?

My best birthday gift today was winning a trip to NYC to the Food Network Wine and Food Festival through The Pork Board, and my sisters get to come with me. Happy Dance! I really hope I get to meet Alton Brown. He’s been my favorite for years. :)

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  1. We just got back to Ukraine from our vacation with family- and I’d say that it’s easier in some respects with family and then not so much in other ways! :) What a fun bday gift!!

  2. Happy birthday!! How fun that you get to take such a great trip!

  3. I do! I am much more relaxed. In fact I never stress out at all when it’s family. WOW about the trip, took my breath away! Have a great time. Oh golly I’d like to meet Rachel Ray!

  4. Happy birthday! I am happy for you that you won this wonderful trip!!!! I, too, love family get togethers but I stress out almost as much! I am just too much of a perfectionist, I guess! Yesterday though my wonderful daughter and SIL brought the picnic to our house!!!!!!!!!!! They did the cooking and clean up and THAT was FABULOUS, I have to say!!!!! First time that has ever happened! Hope you had a great 4th! XO, Pinky

  5. Oh, that looks lovely. A belated Happy Birthday, Sandy!

  6. Happy Birthday Sandy! Woohoo on winning that trip to New York and getting to take your sisters along!!

  7. I do find it easy to host my family…

  8. Congratulations on winning your trip! Have fun! Family seems to be easier at times. Other times it seems easier to be with friends.

  9. Happy birthday to you~! It looked like a fabby time. I just heart non-traditional bday desserts! Mmm yum!

    I DO think it is easier to entertain family…at least the family that you get along with… ;-) …and entertaining friends who are LIKE family is the same thing. It’s just easier and more relaxed!

    Hope you do get to meet Mr. Brown! My great aunt is friends with his mother, but my great aunt has never seen his show. Anyway, it feels sorta neat to have that “connection”….even though I don’t really! HA!

  10. Happy Birthday!! What a nice gift to have your sisters with you to celebrate and a yummy pie! Have fun on your trip!

  11. Happy Happy Birthday and ….Wow how fun… a sisters trip-
    Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  12. Congrats on your trip, and Happy Birthday to you!

    I do enjoy having family over, and for the most part it’s always casual and everyone pitching in. It’s even great when you can have several friends over, each bringing a dish and then everyone working together to clean-up. Some of our best times have come during clean-up …. also some of our greatest messes! =) It sure does make the evening so much more fun!

  13. I do think entertaining family is easier, especially when they all pitch in. I have two sisters and enjoy being in the kitchen with them both.

    Congrats on your trip. Awesome!

  14. I love it when our family gets together…we all bring “our thing”…its always delicious and so rewarding to spend time together. I just wish we had more time all together.

  15. The salads look delicious… congrats on your trip. Have fun!

  16. I do think it is easier to entertain family. Pretentious doesn’t seem to come with the family! Have fun on the trip. Be happy, many blessings, marlis

  17. Happy Belated Birthday!

    I loved this post so much that I forwarded it to my sisters and told them we need to just get together, soon. So encouraging, as always.

  18. Blueberry and chocolate? Sounds good! I do love entertaining family.

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