I love unplanned. I love last-minute. And I love my girlfriends.

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Like when they came over for an unexpected light dinner last week.

I invited. They came.

I snipped daisies from the front yard, added water, and put them on the back patio to enjoy.

We had some light appetizers and then a fresh green salad, lettuce from the garden.

I resorted to a can of (drained) Bush’s Black Beans with feta cheese and toasted walnuts, adding onion and cucumber. And then I garnished the salad with fresh pineapple and avocado slices.

By the way, have you tried using a nifty pineapple corer? They are AWESOME!

How to core a fresh pineapple

1. Cut the top off of the pineapple.

2. Screw down the corer.

3. Once you are at the bottom, pull out the meat.

This will create beautiful, perfectly cut rings of pineapple!

Laurel jumped in and cored the entire pineapple in about 30 seconds.

So sweet and tasty. Just like my friends.

An unplanned summer meal is sometimes about sharing yourself with others, a yummy salad, and fresh-cut daisies from the yard.

All the things I love.

When’s the last time you had a light summer meal with a friend?