The Freshest of Fresh is Watermelon and Corn on the Cob

Next time you think about throwing an elaborate, high-stress party, give real life entertaining a try.

Just like our friends in Portland did when we recently had dinner at their place on a beautiful summer’s evening. My friend, Steph, definitley has entertaining down.

She’s not worried about the tables matching.

And the little kids sat with the big kids (us!)

We ate the freshest of fresh.

And I have to say this meal created an element of joy for the adults, to hear these adorable kids chattering about life and their food. I love how little kids just say what’s on their mind.

Our meal consisted of:
Caprise Summer Salad
Halibut on the Grill
Fresh corn on the cob
Juicy Watermelon

And then the best dessert. Which will be in another post. :)

You may have followed along with my Summer Entertaining in 30 Days, but I also love following my friend Steph’s guideline: Just Make it Easy.

Real life entertaining is the exact opposite of picture-perfect. It should be easy and relaxing.

When you’re around the table, you’re surrounded by the people you love. The stress and worry of perfect just goes away.

Do you include the little kids with the big kids at the table for a summer sit-down meal?

14 comments on “The Freshest of Fresh is Watermelon and Corn on the Cob”

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  3. These pictures are wonderful and what a great way to blend the sense of summer! I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you this weekend!

  4. Nothing like fresh summer fruits and veg. Cute pictures….Thanks for sharing a simple lovely evening.

  5. That looks like sweetness all round! Love all these great foods of summer.

  6. Do you put salt (sea or kosher) on your watermelon? We had some last night and I forgot how much I love the salt and watermelon combo. I think I could’ve eaten the entire watermelon ;-)

  7. How fun to see corn on the menu here, too!!! Love seeing people enjoy a good ear of corn (unfortunately, I am not a corn fan). But, I do love to prepare it for the family and the littles are always mixed in with the big kids!

  8. My kind of entertaining!

  9. We don’t have assigned seats when we entertain, so people sit wherever they’d like! One thing I do like to do though, is use our “good” dishes, cloths, glasses, etc. as opposed to paper outside. Kids or not. I think it’s good for them to learn to be careful and respect other people’s property. If there’s an accident – oh well, they’re only objects. I think calling kids to a higher standard of manners and making them feel like a grown up is worth an occasional loss :-)

  10. My dad brought us some fresh watermelon and corn on the cob just the other day. Lol. It’s seriously the epitome of summer.

  11. The most memorable meals of my summers as a kid were…corn and watermelon. And that’s all we had. My dad would stop by a farm on the way home from work and buy a bushel of corn and a watermelon. So fresh and good that it’s all we had for dinner; nothing else. Thanks for the reminder of a special memory.

  12. Yum! I love easy summer food with great friends!

  13. I love corn on the cob; and the corn around here is just starting to tassle. It will be on our plates, soon!

  14. Absolutely! They keep us in stitches!

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