We have an enormous array of OxEye daisies blooming in our front yard right now.

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So many that I cut down a whole plant and placed them in a bucket.

They’re on the back patio for everyone to enjoy.

If you keep the water fresh, they’ll last a long time, and they’re very elegant for entertaining.

Here are some tips on these “wild flowers.” They seem to be a little bit invasive (just a little bit? LOL).

Almost everyone loves the OxEye Daisy, and it’s established in all 50 states and in Canada. But many states consider this flower a weed, so check to see if it’s allowed in your area. Common roadside daisies grow anywhere, including in wet spots, and form tough big root masses with large blooming clumps. You can plant the seeds anytime, and expect bloom after one full winter.

I love the few weeks when they are all in bloom, but my favorite daisy is the Shasta daisies!

Do you have daisies growing in your yard this year, and if so, what kind?