OxEye Daisies in a Bucket

We have an enormous array of OxEye daisies blooming in our front yard right now.

So many that I cut down a whole plant and placed them in a bucket.

They’re on the back patio for everyone to enjoy.

If you keep the water fresh, they’ll last a long time, and they’re very elegant for entertaining.

Here are some tips on these “wild flowers.” They seem to be a little bit invasive (just a little bit? LOL).

Almost everyone loves the OxEye Daisy, and it’s established in all 50 states and in Canada. But many states consider this flower a weed, so check to see if it’s allowed in your area. Common roadside daisies grow anywhere, including in wet spots, and form tough big root masses with large blooming clumps. You can plant the seeds anytime, and expect bloom after one full winter.

I love the few weeks when they are all in bloom, but my favorite daisy is the Shasta daisies!

Do you have daisies growing in your yard this year, and if so, what kind?

10 comments on “OxEye Daisies in a Bucket”

  1. Are feverfew a kind of daisy? They look related. We have lots of feverfew, and they are definitely invasive–and very pretty.

  2. Such pretty and sweet daisies. Happy.

    LOVED seeing you this week as always :)

  3. I believe ours are shasta daisies, and I am thankful for this post, because you’ve reminded me to bring some into the house! When the DD was home, she was allergic to some flowers, so I stopped bringing them in entirely. Though she moved out over a year ago, I forget to bring flowers in!

  4. Daisies are such happy flowers! I love them. I have shasta daisies – delightful.

  5. I DO have daisies! I don’t know what kind they are, but they grow wild in my field. I was commenting to my husband last night while we were out walking how much I love them. And well………..actually…..my goats feel the same way. LOL

    God bless!

  6. We have a clump of Shasta Daisies in our back yard. I will be moving them in the Fall to one of the side flower beds…hope they like the move!

  7. Daisies are my favorite flower! Great post!

  8. We just planted eight shasta daisy clumps throughout our gardens. I look forward to next year when they begin to strut their stuff…although the lady at the greenhouse said the third year will be better. I know that from experience too with other perennials.

    How fun that you had enough that you could cut an entire plants worth.

  9. Oh I love daisies! And I have NO flowers in my backyard…

    I need me some flowers:) I love what Meg Ryan says in You’ve Got Mail, “Daisies are happy flowers”
    I’m a nerd, but that’s my favorite movie :)

  10. Since we just moved here 7 months ago the landscaping has taken a back seat to painting. LOL! BUT we are sketching out plans for our front area and I can’t wait to start planting flowers. On my list so far are Phlox, cosmos, lavender and plumbago. But I love daisies and they sound easy to grow so I might have to give them a try!
    Have a flower filled day!

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