How to Freeze Berries in Ziploc Bags

Every morning recently, my husband or I have a full basket of berries.

Sometimes it’s more than we’ll use for the day, so once they are picked they are washed, stemmed, drained, and placed on a piece of parchment paper (on a baking sheet), and then placed into the freezer.

Whether I’m saving the berries for jam, smoothies, or to use in the winter months, it’s an easy process, but one for which you do have to follow these easy instructions (so the berries will clump together).

1. Line a cookie sheet with parchment or wax paper.
2. Lay washed berries out evenly and place in the freezer.
3. After 12 hours, when completely frozen, place into Ziploc bags.

Now that our raspberry patch is bursting with berries, I’ve been combining both raspberries and strawberries.

Oh, and did you know that Costco now sells a huge role of Parchment Paper? Yup, 205 square feet, which might last a lifetime (unless you bake every day). :)

Here’s a tip: There’s really no reason why you can’t reuse the same parchment paper the next day, too.

I just know that I have to stay on top of these berries, so they don’t go to waste, so Ziplocs are my best friend.

Do you buy berries from a Farmer’s Market, or grow them yourself, and either way, what is your method for freezing them?

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  1. We lived on 8 acres for 4 years in Arkansas, and rather than go out and fight ticks, chiggers, thorns, and cotton mouths, I dug up some wild blackberries and planted them in a row. I planted about 20 plants 15 feet apart, and fixed up a pvc tubing watering system. Seventeen of the plants made it and after the second year I could 8 gallons, and let friends pick another 5 gallons, and quit picking by the end of June. or first week in July. The next year I froze a lot and canned the rest in quart jars. We mowed between the rows and put stuff down for the ticks and chiggers like you have to do in your lawn. None of the wild blackberry problems.

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  3. I use this idea for a lot of of different foods. I will bake up big batches of chicken or ham and let it all cool then cube it up and place of cookie sheets like you did you berries and freeze and ziploc for use in omelets and on pizzas and in casseroles. I make up cookie dough and form it into balls and place it on the cookie sheets to freeze and re use for fresh from the oven cookies when guests pop over unexpected. It also works for big batches of pancakes, french toast and waffles so that the kids can have hot breakfast from the toaster in minutes.

  4. That is something new that I have learned today. I will also use the ziploc bags to freeze my raspberries for there is quite a lot I harvested lately. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. I froze 3 bags of blackberries last week using this same method. They do freeze up quicker in my basement chest freezer and I look forward to some delish berry dishes soon! We no longer have our victory garden so I miss the freshest veggies and berries, but yours look wonderful! Have a happy weekend!

  6. Last weekend my husband braved the thorny patches of wild blackberries growing at a nearby conservation area. He picked 2 gallons. I wished I’d had this post then. Although we did make up one batch of jam right away (I’ve polished off 2 jars myself!) I just froze the berries in ziplocks. I didn’t know about the cookie sheet method.

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