This time of year you may be purchasing azalea, hydrangea, or cyclamen plants. Or maybe you’re receiving them as gifts. I recently bought a kalanchoe plant, which sits on my dining room table. (Sometimes I’ll move it over by the kitchen sink.)

It’s bright and cheery, and … well … for next week, it’s GREEN for St. Patty’s Day!

I love to buy plants at the Grocery Outlet and give them away. They are inexpensive, yet you can find some beautiful ones.

These plants are tender, and unless you live in a warmer climate (I do not), they are best preserved if you keep them inside.

Here’s a few ideas where you can place them in your house:

-Kitchen windowsill

-Table or counter

-Living room or entry way

-Even a lighted bathroom

-Dining room table.

For me, early plants in the house are inspiration to what’s ahead … the upcoming garden season. Which I cannot wait for. :)

Do you live in a warmer or cooler climate, and what is your favorite way to display a tender plant in your home?

(Here’s an informative site that shows how to care for a kalanchoe plant, if you happen to pick one up at the grocery store this week.)

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